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Spring Y3
8.29.19 - 10.13.19
by Split, 08-31-2019, 09:06 PMRE: News Archive
It's time for an update to how we handle time! Now that we are a couple days into the first season of this year, I'll explain how our flow of time will now work. We will be keeping double time, but our time will be more fluid. Essentially, from here on, you will be allowed to back date threads.

All threads from here on out will need to have a date AND time listed in the thread title. This will allow users to see exactly when a thread occurred.

Previously, if you posted a new thread, the time and date that thread was posted was the time in which that event was happening. We are altering the rules regarding timelines to allow you to backdate threads for any date in the current year. (This is Year 3.) So this year started on 8.29.19. You may date a thread from the current date backward to the first day of the year. So as today is 8/31/19, you may date a thread for any date between 8/29/19 and 8.31.19. You may not date threads forward.

So as the year progresses, you will be able to date threads for any time that has already passed in the year, but you must be careful not to break your own character's timelines. The best way to track a character's timeline is to go to their profile and click the button on it labelled "Thread Log". It shows every thread the character has ever participated in. Likewise, events that would break your timelines should also be carefully monitored. So, for example, if I posted a thread for a character dated for today in the desert, it would break the timeline if I posted a thread dated for the 29th in which they ended up dying.

Excessively breaking your own timelines or other characters' timelines is frowned upon and if done consistently, Staff may intervene. Tomorrow I will be instituting changes to leader logs and pregnancies that reflect these changes, so keep an eye out! Please DM or PM a staffer if you have any questions.
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Southwestern Omne

The Salt Peninsula

He still can't believe by KittyKookiez; 05-27-2019, 11:55 AM
This peninsula was once lush with life and water when an ancient river fed it, but as the river's water was diverted away by river banks and erosion the lakes that dotted this territory dwindled and left behind remarkable salt flats. What little water that does remain here is quite precious, but rarely dries up completely. The plants found here are scrubby and hardy, as the terrain is usually very dry and unfriendly to flora. The beaches at its borders are wide and coated in salty sand.

The Savanna

(09-09-2019, 05:43 PM) it... by Nala; 09-09-2019, 05:43 PM
Though dry most of the year, the savanna blooms green during the rainy season. The territory's one truly consistent water source is the lake on its northern border. The rivers that travel through this territory tend to dry up during the hottest part of the year, becoming nothing more than a small trickle in the dry season. A few rugged trees dot the landscape, but besides them and the thorn bushes, cover is few and far between. Most of the territory is covered in golden grass for most of the year.

The Bayou

New Territory by Dillain; 08-28-2019, 01:03 AM
The Bayou is closer to sea level than its surrounding territories and takes on a lot of water from the surrounding territories and even the bay to its northern border. The constant rush of water leaves this region marshy year round. It is always warm here, though the fauna are quite dangerous. Crocodiles are rather abundant. Clay is a common find, along with valuable herbs.

The Rainforest (Claimed by Shison)

Fermented Fruit [8/30/19... by Dragon; 09-15-2019, 06:16 PM
A thick swath of rainforest rests in the shadow of the volcano, thriving due to the run off of mineral-rich water. The combination of heat and humidity makes this a nexus for life. It boasts the widest variety of plants and animals in Omne. It rains frequently here and the air is always humid and muggy. River criss-cross across the territory, providing plenty of water to the creatures who live here.