Omne is a play-by-post fantasy roleplay centered around animals with human-like intelligence and emotions and is set in a world known as Omne.  We offer more than ten playable animal species, more than ten branches of magic, and over a dozen territories for your characters to explore.  Omne's plots are primarily user-based, though occasionally site-wide plots occur in which participation is optional.  Omne runs on double time, meaning that one out-of-character day (OOC or OC) day is two in-character (IC) days.  Characters may be in as many threads as the player likes, as long as their timeline allows it.

As a whole, we are a community-centered site and the focus is centered on the stories the community weave together. Omne seeks to promote a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where roleplayers of all experience and comfort levels can roleplay at their own pace and grow together as writers. Though we are rated 3-2-3, with sexual content being the 2 and recommend that our players be fifteen years or older, our minimum age is thirteen years old. We also welcome roleplayers whose first language is not English, though we do require that all correspondence on site and in the site's discord are in English. On the most fundamental level, the site's goal is to promote comfort and enjoyment for all roleplayers who write here.

The Setting

Set on the fictional planet and dimension known as Omne.  The planet and dimension are named after the deceased goddess Omne, mother of Actun, Eura, and Cadis.  Characters find themselves relegated to a single, square-shaped continent that is surrounded by ocean on all sides.  It is currently unknown if other continents exist.

Omne was created by the sibling gods (Actun, Eura, and Cadis) as a homage to their mother, Omne, after her death. Taking inspiration from the many dimensions generated by her death, they populated Omne with a wide variety of intelligent life-forms. Over time, Rudis, the firstborn creation, began to believe that intelligence was a curse rather than a gift. Rudis entered the realm of the gods and stole a variety of powers from the gods, including the ability to create new souls and banished all of the residents' souls from Omne. His actions also made magic accessible to mortals, though the sibling gods have given it form. For generations, Omne was populated solely by Rudis (who was cursed to bear a twisted body for his crimes and became a god in his own right), who the sibling gods found they could not destroy without his willing consent. The gods eventually discovered they could repopulate Omne by transplanting souls from other dimensions to Omne, one creature at a time.

Characters souls' are brought to Omne by the three sibling gods , allowing them to originate from any number of cultures and speak a variety of languages.  The gods pluck the souls out of their bodies, effectively removing them from their homeland.  The gods create a body for each of the transplanted souls and the mortal awakes in a territory of the player's choice.  Because a new body is created for the character, it is not unheard of for disabilities to be healed or for physical characteristics to change.  For example, a blind male ant might enter Omne as a sighted female tiger, if the player wishes.  The character may retain established disabilities or develop new ones if desired by the roleplayer, but there will are realistic IC consequences depending on the disability.

Character Creation

Omne uses an account-per-character system. This means that every character has a separate account from which they are posted. We also require that every member have an OOC (usually referred to as an OC) account. An OC or OOC account is an "out of character" account where you will conduct most of your official site business such as responding to polls, posting to announcements, etcetera. Staff will also PM you on your OC account regarding official site business and character accounts. (If you use Discord, we may also contact you there regarding site matters, but your OC is our official route.) Certain forums also require an OC in order to post to them. We also offer a 25 gem bonus to all new members, which can be used to purchase anything you like from the shop.

When registering an OC account, please make the username the name you would like to be called by. So if you would like to be known as Amber, please make the username Amber. For character accounts, please make the username their first name OR the name that they are typically called. For example, if a character's name is Andrew Richardson and he is called Andy, his username would either be Andrew or Andy. If you have any questions about character creation that are not addressed by this guide, please don't hesitate to contact staff! In the event that you have difficulties with registration, concerns regarding the site, or otherwise need to get in contact with the staff team without creating an account or joining Omne's Discord, please send an email to [email protected]. It is frequently checked by the site's administration team.

Omne allows you to create characters of many different species, from carnivores to herbivores to reptiles. All species are free to play, though some offer unique challenges including combat disadvantages and temperature, which is why they are divided into different difficulty levels. Our species are also divided into "species groups" based loosely on scientific classification (usually based on the species taxonomic family), size, and characteristics. Some groups have looser restrictions than others, each of which is designated with Δ symbol, so if you would like to play a character of a species not listed in those groups marked with a delta (Δ) symbol, please contact staff so we can discuss whether or not the species in question would be permissible.

Species Group Height Weight Difficulty
Greater Felines 30-42 in. 120-210 lbs. Easy
Species Permitted: Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, Leopard
Greater Canines 24-36 in. 66-180 lbs. Easy
Species Permitted: Wolf
Greater Avians 36-40 in. (Head to Feet) 24-33 lbs. Easy
Species Permitted: Accipitridae, Pandionidae, Falconidae, Cathartidae
Greater Bovines (Δ)40-58 in.235-470 lbs.Easy
Species Permitted: Alcelaphinae, Bovinae (Excluding antelope of this sub-family.), Hippotraginae (Excluding east african and arabian oryx.), Waterbuck
Greater Rodentia (Δ)31-40 in. (Length)50-150 lbs.Moderate
Species Permitted: Beavers, Capybara, Cape Porcupines, Crested Porcupines, North American Porcupines, Indian Crested Porcupines
Cervidae (Δ) 42-52 in. 200-420 lbs. Easy
Species Permitted: Deer (All)
Equines (Δ) 54-66 in. 400-600 lbs. Easy
Species Permitted: African Wild Ass, Horse (All), Kiang, Onager, Zebra (All)
Hyaenidae 28-36 in. 98-140 lbs. Easy
Species Permitted: Hyenas (All)
Ursidae 28-36 in. 90-250 lbs. Easy
Species Permitted: Bears (All)
Intermediate Rodentia (Δ) 12-20 in. (Length) 5-25 lbs. Hard
Species Permitted: Mountain Beavers, Porcupines (Except those listed as Greater Rodentia.), Nutria/Copyu, Maras, Agouti, Marmots
Lesser Felines 24-36 in. 64-140 lbs. Moderate
Species Permitted: Cougar, Caracal, Cheetah, Lynx, Ocelot, Serval
Lesser Canines 24-30 in. 49-100 lbs. Moderate
Species Permitted: African Wild Dog, Coyote, Fox, Maned Wolf
Lesser Avians (Δ) 21-26 in. 1.5-4.4 lbs. Moderate
Species Permitted: Anatidae, Corvidae, Paradisaeidae, Passeridae, Psittacoidea
Lesser Bovines (Δ) 26-45 in. 71-243 lbs. Moderate
Species Permitted: Antilopinae, Caprinae, Cephalophinae, Impala, Reduncinae, East African Oryx, Arabian Oryx, Antelope species not included in Greater Bovines.
Lesser Rodentia (Δ) 2-7 in. (Length) 0.35-2.5 lbs. Hard
Species Permitted: Mice, Gerboas, Rats, Gerbils, Gophers, Hamsters, Lemmings, Chipmunks, Gundis, Squirrels, Degus, Cavies, Chinchillas, Voles
Serpents (Δ) 8.9-22 ft. 115-200 lbs. Hard
Species Permitted: Snakes (All)

Considerations on Species and Difficulty Level

While these species groups do not conform perfectly to scientific classifications, Omne's species are grouped this way for many reasons. Not only does it provide a clear organizational structure, it also allows us to classify them into difficulty levels that make it easier for new members to understand what challenges might be associated with each one. All of our "Easy" species would reasonably be able to hold their own against one another in a fight, just as our "Moderate" species should be able to hold their own against one another. "Hard" species may or may not hold their own against other Hard species or Easy or Moderate species, depending on the animal in question and the opponent in question.

While species in Omne might share the same weight and height with other creatures in their group, they retain their other personal traits. For example, jaguars are excellent climbers, while lions are not. However, venomous or poisonous species' toxins will not work on other player characters. (PCs) Their toxins will work on non-player characters, however. (NPCs)

Reptilian species and amphibian species have their own special challenges in the form of temperature. Cold-blooded creatures need temperatures between 65 and 90 degrees to survive. If they visit a territory colder than that, they will begin to get too cold and will quickly die if something is not done. They will grow sluggish and find it difficult to think or move, eventually passing away. This can, somewhat, be remedied by the Fire magic Thermometer, but it is still a concern worth noting.

A character's build determines their speed, stamina, and strength relative to others of their species. Omne recognizes three official builds: Small, Medium, and Large. Small creatures are faster and more agile than any other build, but their stamina suffers somewhat for it and they are physically the weakest. Medium animals get the best of both worlds, having good stamina, speed, and strength. They are outclassed in speed by Small creatures and outclassed in strength by Large creatures. Large creatures, however, are the strongest physically compared to others of their species. They are also the slowest, however, and their stamina is mediocre. Small creatures tend to be slight of build and "whispy", while medium characters are average or typical, and Large characters are usually composed of a lot of muscle or fat and tend to be quite thick.

Below is a chart listing the weights associated with each build. Officially, height does not affect build at this time.

Species Group Small Medium Large
Greater Felines 120-150 lbs. 121-181 lbs. 182-210 lbs.
Greater Canines 66-104 lbs. 105-143 lbs. 144-180 lbs.
Greater Avians 24-26 lbs. 27-29 lbs. 30-33 lbs.
Greater Bovines 235-313 lbs. 314-391 lbs. 392-470 lbs.
Greater Rodentia 50-83 lbs. 84-116 lbs. 117-150 lbs.
Cervidae 200-273 lbs. 274-347 lbs. 348-420 lbs.
Equines 400-465 lbs. 466-532 lbs. 533-600 lbs.
Hyaenidae 98-112 lbs. 113-127 lbs. 128-140 lbs.
Ursidae 90-143 lbs. 144-196 lbs. 196-250 lbs.
Intermediate Rodentia 5-11 lbs. 12-18 lbs. 19-25 lbs.
Lesser Felines 64-89 lbs. 90-115 lbs. 116-140 lbs.
Lesser Canines 49-66 lbs. 67-84 lbs. 85-100lbs.
Lesser Avians 1.5-2.47 lbs. 2.48-3.44 lbs. 3.45-4.4 lbs.
Lesser Bovines 71-128 lbs. 129-186 lbs. 187-243 lbs.
Lesser Rodentia 0.35-1 lbs. 1.01-1.71 lbs. 1.72-2.5 lbs.
Serpents 115-143 lbs. 144-172 lbs. 173-200 lbs.

As mentioned under Body Builds, build affects the speed of a character. Small characters are the fastest, while large characters are the slowest. Bellow are the accepted speeds for small build creatures. Medium build creatures are 15% slower than their small counterparts. Large build creatures are 30% slower than their small counterparts. To determine your character's speed, multiply the listed speed for their species by 0.15 (for Medium characters) or 0.30 (for Large characters). Subtract the speed listed below for their species by that number. So the formulas for speeds are as follows:

A=Speed listed below for that species.
B=A X 0.15
C=A X 0.30

Medium Build Characters Speed = A-B
Large Build Characters Speed = A-C

Greater FelinesLion (50mph) | Tiger (40mph) |Jaguar (64mph) | Leopard (36mph)
Greater CaninesWolves (37mph)
Greater Avians (Soaring Speed)All Greater Avians (30mph)
Greater BovinesAll Greater Bovines (40mph)
Greater RodentiaAll Greater Rodentia (22mph)
CervidaeAll Cervidae (65mph)
EquinesAll Equines (40mph)
HyaenidaeAll Hyaenidae (37mph)
UrsidaeAll Ursidae (30mph)
Intermediate RodentiaAll Intermediate Rodentia (12mph)
Lesser Avians (Soaring Speed)Lesser Avians (50mph)
Lesser FelinesCaracal (50mph) | Cougar (50mph) | Cheetah (75mph) | Lynx (50mph) | Ocelot (38mph) | Serval (50mph)
Lesser CaninesAfrican Wild Dog (43mph) | Coyote (43mph) | Fox (31mph) | Maned Wolf (47mph)
Lesser BovinesAll Lesser Bovines (50mph)
Lesser RodentiaAll Lesser Rodentia (8mph)
SerpentsAll Serpents (12.5mph)

Omne allows a wide variety of customization options for characters but has some guidelines that we ask our members to follow. Personalities must be at least 350 words or 15 sentences. Appearances must be at least 250 words or 10 sentences. Your character can have any number of markings of any type or shape and any and all colors and color combinations are permissible. Pupils must remain black unless the character is blind. Internal organs and bodily fluids must remain their natural colors, but any surface organs may be any color the user wishes. For example, sclera, teeth, and the inside of characters' mouths may be any color. Up to four colors are permitted for characters' eyes, but iridescence or bio-luminescence of the eyes are counted as an eye color. Entirely white or black eyes will render a character blind, however, as will misshapen pupils.

Below we have listed all mutations that are currently acceptable in Omne, including both free mutations and mutations that must be purchased or acquired in another way on site.

Free Mutations

Integumentary Mutations
Alternate Fur Length Partial or full longer/shorter/no fur. The added length can be up to 1 ft. on up to 30% of the character's body and/or double the natural length. Can also add fur to creatures who normally have none.
Curly/Wavy/Straight Fur Partial or full curly/wavy/straight fur.
Feathers Partial or full feather coverage, may replace fur/scales.
Scales Partial or full scale coverage, may replace fur/scales.
Appendage Mutations
Longer/Shorter/No Tail(s) Tail may be longer. Added length can only be up to double. If shortened, there is no limit on how short the tail may be.
Larger/Smaller/No Ears Longer or shorter ears or the absence of ears (character will still have ear holes, but the outter aspects of the ears will be gone). Added length can only be up to double.
Extra Eyes/Ears/Tails Maximum number of eyes is 8. Maximum number of ears is 3 pairs. Maximum number of tails is 9.
Coloration Mutations
Bio-Luminescence A glow that originates from the character's body. May be a marking, eyes, inside of the character's mouth, ect. Must not cover more than 50% of the character's body. Cannot be dimmed or turned off. A marking cannot be both iridescent and bio-luminescent simultaneously. Must glow a singular color.
Iridescence One or more markings appear to have a rainbow-like quality to them when exposed to the light depending on the angle they are viewed from. Must cover 50% or less of the character's body. A marking cannot be both bio-luminescent and iridescent.
Metallic The character may have a metallic sheen. May be a marking, inside of the character's mouth, tusks, horns, or other appendages. Must not cover more than 50% of the character's body. The metallic sheen will be more pronounced in the light. Eyes may not have a metallic sheen.
Other Mutations
Forked Tongue A double-pointed tongue like a reptile's.
Antennae May be up to 8 inches long and design may be from any species with antennae in the real world. Up to 3 pairs allowed. If not attached to the skull, requires staff approval.
Gills 3-5 gills on both sides of a character's neck. These are cosmetic only and do not allow the character to breathe under water.
Fins Up to 9 fish-like fins that can be placed anywhere on the character's body. These fins are not sharp or pointed and do not increase a character's ability to swim.
Spines Up to 9 reptile-like spiny projections up to 5 inches long. Can be broken off if put under excessive pressure.
Quills Up to 30% of the character's body may be covering in quills (up to 5 inches long). Can be driven inside the character's body by impact injuries, possibly causing life-threatening damage.
Horns Up to 3 pairs of horns up to 24 inches long. Can be of any shape. Can be a singular horn. If applying anywhere but the character's head, must seek staff approval.
Longer Canines Allows the character's canines to be up to 3 inches longer than normal. Can be broken off if put under extreme pressure.
Tusks Up 3 inch long tusks sprouting from the character's bottom jaw. Can be broken off if put under extreme pressure.

Advanced Mutations

These mutations are acquired in other ways.
Limb Mutations
Alternate Eyes One or more pairs of a character's eyes may be replaced with the eyes of any playable species. (Other species may be permitted with staff approval.) Can be purchased in the shop for 75 gems. Has a 10% chance per parent of being passed down to offspring.
Alternate Ears One or more pairs of a character's ears may be replaced with the ears of any playable species. (Other species may be permitted upon staff approval.)
Alternate Tail(s) All of a character's tails may be replaced with the tail of any singular playable species. All tails the character possesses will be affected. (Other species tails may be permitted pending staff approval.) The new tail(s) will retail the same mobility it has on the original species. (A lion's tail on a horse will move in the same way that it did on the lion.)
Alternate Legs One or more pairs of a character's legs (fore or hind, not front left/right and back left/right) may be replaced with the legs of any singular playable species. (Other species may be acceptable pending staff approval.) The legs retain the range of motion of their native species, but the feet of the legs function as they did on their native species.
Additional Legs Character may possess one additional pair of legs. The legs must be of their native species (unless an alternate leg ticket is purchased). The legs may be attached to the character's chest or abdomen, other placement of extra limbs requires staff approval. This ticket may be purchased an additional time to add a grand total of four extra legs. Extra legs may hinder or help the character's movement, depending on placement and species of the character. If you would like clarification on how exactly they would affect the character in question, please speak to staff!
Divine Mutations
Wings Bat-like, bird-like, or insect wings. Allows a character to fly at up to 30 mph regardless of build. Characters must practice flight in 15 separate threads before they can master flight and be considered an experienced flier. If the character has an experienced flier to teach them, they may master flight in 10 threads and then be considered experienced fliers. Children who are raised by an experienced flier may fly without difficulty at 1 year of age IF it is understood that their guardian is teaching them to fly offscreen. Children who are taught flight off screen can be considered experienced fliers at 2 years of age. Can be purchased in the shop for 250 gems. Can be gifted to a character by Actun. Has a 10% chance per parent of being passed down to offspring.

While a history is not mandatory, it can sometimes offer you an opportunity to add depth to your character and provide inspiration for your character's behavior. However, if your character was not born to a pair of PCs in Omne, they must originate from somewhere else and be transported here by the Gods to wake up somewhere within Omne. Your character will have no idea how they got to Omne. Your character may know how to speak and/or write in up to 3 different languages in Omne by default. If your character speaks in a language other than English in their post, it is required that a translation to English be provided at the bottom of the post. If your character speaks other or additional languages, please include it in the notes section of the application.

Characters may not have a history that mentions or suggestion humans in any shape, form, or fashion. This means that purely domesticated species such as dogs and cats cannot be mentioned either. As far as Omne is concerned, humans never have or will exist. Apes or other similar animal species may be substituted for humans in histories or foreign magic not found in Omne may explain human-like abilities in other species.

Some ideas of what to explore in a character's histories are: Birthplace, family relationships, culture and status within that culture, events leading up to their arrival in Omne, defining experiences, lovers, children, ect.

Age is a defining factor in your character's experience in Omne, especially when they enter it. Age in Omne is measured by the seasons. All characters at or under the age of 1.00 may be claimed into groups by members of that group, if their rank permits it. However, characters 1.00 years and older are also permitted to lead groups, if they can find the followers to permit it. Characters are considered "adults" at age 2.00 in Omne and are fully mature mentally and physically at age 3.00. 15.00 is the maximum age a character can reach without immortality. Characters will die by 11:59 pm on the last day of the season of when their age reaches 15.00. Below we have listed mental age vs physical age so you can see how your character's mental age compares to a human's.

Physical AgeMental Age

Omne respects artists and would never wish to use images unauthorized for usage and manipulation. Staff take the rules of copyright very seriously and we ask the members of our community to do the same. Because this is a roleplay site, where people may wish to have images of their characters for postscripts and avatars of the sort, Staff has provided you a list of websites that offer stock for free. Remember that these individual sites do have rules, and not all images displayed there will be stock. Below is an explanation how to tell if an image is stock or not for each site. Additionally, we ask you to not take images from google searches, Pinterest, and free wallpaper websites. If you have any questions regarding stock usage, we encourage you to bring them to Staff.

All images used in Omne that do not belong to the user displaying them must provide a link to the source of that image. There is a field on profiles to display avatar credits and image credits for postscripts should be provided at the bottom.

● Flickr
⚬ Flickr has a supply of billions of photos, not all being free for use and manipulation. When using Flickr, be sure to, after searching for a keyword, go to the top right of the gallery and use the "Any license" dropdown. The only options you should be using from that dropdown are "Modifications allowed", "Commerical use & mods allowed", and "No known copyright restrictions". Be sure to give appropriate credit to the image's photographer with a link back to the original image.

● Pixabay
⚬ Pixabay is known for its high-quality gallery that is public domain (CC0 Creative Commons). This means you are free to modify the images without attribution. Be warned, that anyone can upload to Pixabay easily, thus there is a chance that some images will not be uploaded by the original photographer or artist. This is especially obvious with the 'artsy' images, such as heavily manipulated works. When in doubt, do a reverse image search.

● Dawnthieves
⚬ Dawnthieves is a wolf stock-based site, so you will only find photos of wolves here. The photographers of Dawnthieves were kind enough to separate their gallery into various categories depending on the species and age of wolf. Be sure to give appropriate credit to the image's photographer with a link back to the original image.

● Unsplash
⚬ Unsplash provides high-quality stock images and all are considered free to use for Omne's stock purposes. For images that already appear to be manipulated in some way, you should do a reverse image search just in case to ensure it does not pop up elsewhere. While Unsplash provides high-quality art, it is not immune to unsavory individuals posting others' images without their consent.

● Pexels
⚬ Pexels is the final Staff approved stock site that provides high-quality photos. Some were even rehosted from Flickr. Most if not all images fall under the CC0 License, meaning you can modify them. We always encourage you to double check, however, just to be safe.

All members should register an OC account first. The username and "Player" fields should be the name you would like to be known as on Omne. You should also select "OC" as the species for that account. Your OC is where your new member bonus will be delivered as well! Once this is done, the Profiles forum contains a template set that will allow you to post an application for a character. Please fill out all the fields listed! The title of the thread should be in this format: [SPECIES] CHARACTER NAME [PLAYER]. For example: [Fox] Amelia "Ame" Stark [Nibi].

Once you have submitted the application in the Profiles forum (just the general forum, not beneath the subforums, staff will sort them into the appropriate areas for you once they are accepted!), create the character's account with the username being their call-name or first name as desired. Select the correct species for the character in the species dropdown and list your OC name in the "Player" field. When your profile application has been reviewed and accepted, the character's account will be as well.
The Rules
Below is a list of both IC and OC rules of Omne.

OC Rules

    ● Treat everyone with respect.
    ⚬ Every person deserves respect, whether they be an Administrator or a Guest. Bullying, threatening, harassing, stalking, targeting, or other mistreatment will be met with a zero-tolerance policy.
    ● Keep OC events and IC events separate and vice versa.
    ⚬ A roleplayer is not their character and a character is not their roleplayer. IC actions should be based solely on IC interaction and each individual character's personality and should not be taken personally OCly. Not all characters will like one another and it is and should not be a reflection of the roleplayer's feelings about their roleplay partner. Additionally, IC actions should not be based on OC reasoning. (For example, you should not force your character to act a certain way simply because you know OCly that it will benefit them.)
    ● In order to remain compliant with COPPA law, all members of Omne must be at least thirteen (13) years of age.
    ⚬ Omne's target audience is fifteen years of age or older, however. Dark subject matter may be explored in roleplay on site, not limited to: explicit violence, explicit language, mental illness, and inexplicit rape.
    ● Do not mention other roleplay sites by name outside of the advertising board.
    ⚬ While it is acceptable for your characters to reference events that occurred on other roleplay sites is permitted, as long as you do not mention the site's name or the names of characters and places that do not explicitly belong to you, the roleplayer. If the character involved in the event already exists within Omne, they may be referred to by name.
    ● Exact copies of characters from franchises, books, movies, TV, games, manga, anime, comics, or other media are not permitted.
    ⚬ Characters may be inspired by characters from media are permitted, but they should not be an exact copy. For example, it is not acceptable to create a character named Stephen Rogers who identifies as Captain America who also sports the same personality and colorations as the comic book and movie character, but it would be acceptable for a character to be created who was named Stephen Rogers who possessed a different personality and different appearance than the comic/movie character. Please discuss the character you would like to create based on a character in media with staff before you submit the character so we can discuss whether your proposed character would acceptable.
    ● When tagging, please tag a person's OC account rather than their character accounts. While this is not strictly enforced, tagging a character's account may result in the post being missed.
    ● An OOC account is required for Omne and it should be the first account you register. Some forums only allow OOCs to post and this is where staff will contact you if necessary.

IC Rules

    ● No Metagaming, Godmodding, or Powerplaying.
    ⚬ Metagaming - Giving your character knowledge or information they could not reasonably know.
    ⚬ Godmodding - Giving your character abilities they should not have, such as a hyena climbing a tree, or having magic that has not been purchased for them.
    ⚬ Powerplaying - Taking control of another character, such as saying your character touched another character without an attempt to do so or saying another character was to your character's left, when they are actually behind. (Unless given permission from the other character's roleplayer.)
    ● All IC threads have a posting order that must be followed unless stated otherwise.
    ⚬ You may skip someone if they have not posted for 7 days, starting from the timestamp of when it was their turn to reply. This time limit is reduced to 5 days if there are more than 2 characters in the thread.
    ⚬ Threads marked as "Meeting"s or event threads do not have a posting order unless the first post states otherwise.
    ● NPCs can be briefly played for hunting or injury purposes.
    ⚬ Keep in mind no NPC ever, unless stated otherwise, has the intelligence of characters. NPCs live on basic survival instinct and can not communicate with characters in any way.
    ● Private (P) threads cannot be intruded upon for any reason except for the following:
    ⚬ You were given permission by all involved roleplayers.
    ⚬ Another character is trespassing upon your claimed territory or a pre-established homesite.
    ⚬ Another character present in the thread is actively calling for yours, within realistic reason.
    ⚬ Your character is the captor of one or more of the characters involved in the thread.
    ⚬ Staff has given you explicit permission.
    ● Omne's timeline runs on fluid double-time.
    ⚬ Fluid time means that your character can be a part of multiple threads, so long it does not conflict with their timeline and past events. Use a thread's time-stamp for a reference. A thread posted on July 4th, 2018 has happened before a thread that was posted on July 6th, 2018.
    ⚬ Double-time means that 1 OC day is equal to 2 IC days.
    ● All posts in the IC boards must be IC.
    ⚬ Spot-claims are not allowed. The only non-IC posts in IC boards will be notes posted by Staff or members posting their relevant "rolls".
    ⚬ The first post of birth threads are the exception to this rule, but the post must be completed within 7 OC days of its start date.
    ● We have a 250 word count expectation for IC posts.
    ⚬ This is not enforced strictly, but it is a mere expectation--don't stress yourself if you've only hit 220 words or 200 words. It is only a guideline to prevent posts that are exceptionally short and may make it difficult for other roleplayers to reply.
    ⚬ Spar posts have no minimum word count.
    ● Keep Staff updated on changes to your character's profile.
    ⚬ This includes changes such as magic, items, appearance, personality, history, etc. Please post in the correct updates thread to notify us of changes. This is so staff can keep your character's forum profiles up to date and accurate.
Group Guide

Groups are coalitions of creatures that claim territory within Omne. These coalitions can be composed of creatures of any species, age, or gender. The name, colors, and symbols of this group are decided upon by the leader of the group’s roleplay, while the culture and rules are decided upon by the creature leading the group.

Group Creation

OC Requirements
    ● You cannot have another character who is the true leader of a group.
IC Requirements
    ● In order to found a new group, a character must have fifty (50) posts OR a post skip ticket.
    ● Characters who wish to lead a group must be at least 1.00.
    ● The character who wishes to lead must locate at least four (4) followers (of these followers, three different roleplayers must be involved) who are at least 1.00 or older, these followers cannot be slaves.
    ● The territory the character would like to claim cannot share a border with more than one other group OR cause any other group’s territory to share a border with more than one other group.
    ● During the “claim”, the name, basic ranks, and rules of the new group must be touched upon by the potential leader.

Group Creation and Claiming Territory

The leader must find a Leader’s Beacon and break it open in the territory they would like the claim (Territory must not already be claimed.) (A new thread with “[Claim]” in the thread tags or title must be created by the potential leader. The thread also must be dated for the OC date it is posted. If you would like to attempt to establish a claim in an older thread, you must get staff’s permission.)

A claim may be challenged by other characters for 72 OC hours after the first post of the claiming thread. Challenges may be solved via combat (one on one matches between the challenger and the potential leader), discussion, or other agreement. If a leader fails to defend against a challenge or loses a combat-based challenge, the claim will fail.

After the challenging period has ended, 5 OC days will be allowed for potential followers to arrive, the leader to explain the principles of the group, and potential followers to display a desire to join the claim either via dialog, narrative, or OC note.

The new leader, should the claim be successful, will be given divine protection from servitude spars or leadership challenges for 1 OC week from the date staff confirms the claim. We will post an OC note. This rule also applies to any other changes of leadership within a group at later dates.

Group Maintenance

A group must maintain at least three (3) followers (two or more roleplayers are needed to meet this requirement) to continue to exist. These three followers cannot be slaves and must be at least 1.00. Any character under the age of 1.00 may be claimed into a group by characters who are permitted, by their rank or their particular group’s rules, are permitted to claim underage characters. The child is not required to remain within the group’s territory but will be considered a member of that group.

A group’s hierarchy is determined solely by the leader. They may offer any ranks, rights, or privileges they would like for their followers to have with exception of disbanding the group. Only the true leader may do that. However, a group may have only one “designated” heir. The heir will have first dibs on the throne in the event of a leader’s death, removal, other absence even if they are not the first character to arrive. Unless a character is named heir during a claim, the leader must have shared at least five (5) threads with a character they would like to name as their official heir.

Leaders must submit 2 valid leader logs every OC month in order to remain in good standing. These logs are due on the last OC calendar day of that month. (For the month of January, that would be January 31st.) The start date of the thread of the first of the two logs must be within the first 14 days of the month, while the second log’s thread must have a start date between days 15 through the final day of the month. Failure to submit one log by the final day of the month will result in one strike. Failure to submit both will result in two strikes. For each additional seven (7) OC days after the logs’ due date, an additional strike will be given. A point will be awarded for every early or on-time log that is submitted, up to three points. Three points will forgive one strike. (If the leader currently has a strike, that one will be removed. If they have no strikes, the points will be saved until they receive a strike.)

Receiving three strikes will result in the Gods removing the leader and opening their seat for claiming. A group who has their leader removed will find the seat open to claiming from group members, loners, or members of other groups. If no one eligible steps up to claim the throne within twenty-four (24) hours, the group will disband. (The only requirement to claim an established group’s throne is to be 1.00 or older.)

Leader Log Requirements

    ● The log must consist, at least partially, of a “leader-like” activity such as border patrol, recruitment, diplomacy, or interacting with members of the group.
    ● The log must be submitted to the Leader Activity Check thread in Updates on or before the due date. Submitting three logs on time will remove a single strike.
    ● The start date of the thread will determine when the next log will be due. (This means the thread used for the log must have been started within the last two weeks to be considered valid.)

Raids and Leadership Challenges

A raid is defined as an organized attack by a group of creatures against a site-recognized group. Before a raid is initiated, unless permission is given from staff due to extenuating IC circumstances, 75% of the players who play members of the group to be raided must give their explicit OC permission for the raid to proceed. The raiding party can be composed of members of the group being raided, loners, or other groups’ members. To initiate a Raid, a character must let out a call while inside the territory of the group they would like to raid. They will then be considered the “Raid Leader”. If a character would like to initiate a raid in a thread that is older than one (1) OC week, the roleplayer must obtain permission from staff. No raid may begin more than one (1) month after the date a thread begins. A raid must have adequate IC reason to be considered valid by staff. (Common examples of IC reasons are to take over a group, punish or weaken a group, or to take a group’s territory.)

A raid continues until either the leader of the group being raided (or the most senior or high ranking member of the group if the leader is dead or incapacitated) surrenders OR a battle has not been initiated in 5 OC days. (If all participates in a raid give OC permission, a raid may be extended.) Any raid that is not resolved within 30 days of its start date is potentially subject to being ended by staff via a random event. A raid that is ended by staff may be marked as a loss for one side or the other OR a draw, depending on the circumstances.

The leader of the group being raided must post to the raid thread within 72 hours of the OC start of the raid or the group will automatically lose the raid and the members of the group being raided will become slaves to the highest-ranking member of the ranking party. (If a raiding party is composed of more than one group, staff will roll for which slaves go where if the party cannot decide ICly who should get who.)

If the group being raided loses the raid, the highest-ranking member of the raiding party (if the raiding party is composed of only members of another group) OR the Raid Leader may choose to take control of the group, disband the group, or force the group’s members out of the territory in order to claim it for themselves. They may also take all members of the group who fail to escape before the raid ends as slaves. If the highest-ranking member of the raiding group is a leader, they may choose to move their group into the losing group’s territory. If the raiding party loses the raid, the highest-ranking member of the group they attempted to raid will have the choice of taking some or all of the raiding party as slaves. Those not taken as slaves will be expelled from the territory.

Any members of the group being raided that fail to appear to the raid will be taken as slaves if their group loses the raid.

In order to escape a raid, a character must post attempting to escape the territory. Other characters have 48 hours to attempt to stop them. (If your character would like to attempt to stop a fleeing character, you must discuss this with the roleplayer of the character attempting to escape and an agreement must be made on what the results of this attempt will be.)

The winning party of a raid is usually the one with the greatest number of members left standing after all battles have subsided OR the party who has won the most fights. However, a different result may be negotiated between the leaders’ roleplayers if they desire.

When it comes to the battles of the raid, roleplayers who participate in the raid must discuss the fights that will occur and the intended results. It must be accepted that if a raid occurs, there is a strong chance your character may be injured or die during the raid if they attend it. Please do not post your character to the raid if you are not okay with these being potential outcomes. No character wins every fight or comes away from every fight unscathed.

Please be considerate of other roleplayers when planning and executing raids, as these are high-stakes events that can often have serious long-term effects on characters. Staff reserves the right to end or intervene in any raid that begins on site if we feel there has been a violation of the raid rules or of other roleplayers’ REASONABLE wishes regarding their characters.