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Spring Y3
8.29.19 - 10.13.19
by Split, 08-31-2019, 09:06 PMRE: News Archive
It's time for an update to how we handle time! Now that we are a couple days into the first season of this year, I'll explain how our flow of time will now work. We will be keeping double time, but our time will be more fluid. Essentially, from here on, you will be allowed to back date threads.

All threads from here on out will need to have a date AND time listed in the thread title. This will allow users to see exactly when a thread occurred.

Previously, if you posted a new thread, the time and date that thread was posted was the time in which that event was happening. We are altering the rules regarding timelines to allow you to backdate threads for any date in the current year. (This is Year 3.) So this year started on 8.29.19. You may date a thread from the current date backward to the first day of the year. So as today is 8/31/19, you may date a thread for any date between 8/29/19 and 8.31.19. You may not date threads forward.

So as the year progresses, you will be able to date threads for any time that has already passed in the year, but you must be careful not to break your own character's timelines. The best way to track a character's timeline is to go to their profile and click the button on it labelled "Thread Log". It shows every thread the character has ever participated in. Likewise, events that would break your timelines should also be carefully monitored. So, for example, if I posted a thread for a character dated for today in the desert, it would break the timeline if I posted a thread dated for the 29th in which they ended up dying.

Excessively breaking your own timelines or other characters' timelines is frowned upon and if done consistently, Staff may intervene. Tomorrow I will be instituting changes to leader logs and pregnancies that reflect these changes, so keep an eye out! Please DM or PM a staffer if you have any questions.
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Videl's heart broke. She did well to be stone-cold when she needed to be, but seeing someone cry always broke through to her. Even when she knew it was coming. Small tears pricked even at the corners of her own eyes. She leaned her head down gently onto Dijana's, absorbing her warmth, inhaling her scent. The leopard's tail wrapped itself on the ground around her new friend in a protective half-circle. She couldn't imagine the loss and confusion that she must feel. In that moment, however, Videl felt the need to be strong for Dijana. She would not weep along with her. She would not allow being swallowed by sorrow. No, they had a whole new life ahead of them. If they could break through the pain of their last. Videl could see the future laid down before them. It just took some strength.

"Hey", cooed Videl, "It will be alright." She looked down at the sad little thing and attempted to lick her cheek. A motherly action. It felt strange to be so quickly pulled in to a stranger's bubble, but at the same time, Videl was quite used to intimacy. "You are more than free to travel with me."

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