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Spring Y3
8.29.19 - 10.13.19
by Split, 08-31-2019, 09:06 PMRE: News Archive
It's time for an update to how we handle time! Now that we are a couple days into the first season of this year, I'll explain how our flow of time will now work. We will be keeping double time, but our time will be more fluid. Essentially, from here on, you will be allowed to back date threads.

All threads from here on out will need to have a date AND time listed in the thread title. This will allow users to see exactly when a thread occurred.

Previously, if you posted a new thread, the time and date that thread was posted was the time in which that event was happening. We are altering the rules regarding timelines to allow you to backdate threads for any date in the current year. (This is Year 3.) So this year started on 8.29.19. You may date a thread from the current date backward to the first day of the year. So as today is 8/31/19, you may date a thread for any date between 8/29/19 and 8.31.19. You may not date threads forward.

So as the year progresses, you will be able to date threads for any time that has already passed in the year, but you must be careful not to break your own character's timelines. The best way to track a character's timeline is to go to their profile and click the button on it labelled "Thread Log". It shows every thread the character has ever participated in. Likewise, events that would break your timelines should also be carefully monitored. So, for example, if I posted a thread for a character dated for today in the desert, it would break the timeline if I posted a thread dated for the 29th in which they ended up dying.

Excessively breaking your own timelines or other characters' timelines is frowned upon and if done consistently, Staff may intervene. Tomorrow I will be instituting changes to leader logs and pregnancies that reflect these changes, so keep an eye out! Please DM or PM a staffer if you have any questions.
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Success! Goldmine! Bingo! Add a plus one to her relationship with the Gods, because it seemed like they were thinking of her when they made this pile of jewelry. Ruth found a choker amongst the pile -- a silver one with a latch at the back that was hidden by the mana pearl. She wasted no time in putting it on, enjoying the feeling of it rubbing against her skin and digging itself comfortably in her fur. “Sexy.” the feline spoke, uncaring for the fact that people were obviously listening it, whether they intended to or not. Her new piece of attire was suddenly making her feel bold and flirtatious. She scanned the ever-growing crowd of people, deciding off impulse that somebody was going to bed with her tonight. Her first thought was Dragon -- but he was a member of Ireneus, and it took him instantly off the list.

That's when she saw another male. A black leopard with blue eyes. He didn't look too interested in anything else except for the pile, but she was going to change that. “Hello there,” she purred, voice confident and certain. She had moved and ended up behind him and the pile, rump on the ground and tail half-curled around her body, “Got any plans?” although her tone wasn't yet suggestive, it definitely hinted that she was interested in more than just idle chit-chat. Ruth was looking for entertainment, and if he so seeked, she could entertain as well.

Grabs and puts on a silver choker collar amulet, and goes to talk to @Corrin. @Kitsune
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Mutations Event Only: Ruth is now male, with a deep, soft voice. He has no outer-ears, and is visibly blind.


The man managed to grab a pearl and he wanted to get something else, some type of jewelry. However he was also against it. Corrin wasn't going to waste his time debating with himself. No, he had to get out of here before someone tried taking what he had, or even talking to him. He wasn't really in the mood for conversation. Too late, though. When he turned around, he saw the leopardess before him and her tone told him what he needed to know. This was an opportunity, just at the wrong time. "Unfortunatly, I do..." He said after setting the newly gained object on the ground. Besides, there were too many people around here.

"Perhaps we can meet another time. I'll be staying in the northern part of this territory for a while." He said, allowing his tones to seem a bit flirtatious. Maybe being with someone else for one night would help him feel a bit better. "Maybe we'll meet sometime soon." The male purred before picking up the pearl and walking by her, attempting to rub his tail along her left side. After that was done, he'd begin to travel to the north, his pace quickening as #quick reflexes helped him move faster. #Perceptive helped him listen to his surroundings, so he'd know if anyone was following him.


OC Note: I made Corrin leave the thread cause @Kitsune and @Nibi are waiting to take Karcsi and Damia, but we can thread Ruth and Corrin if you want @KittyKookiez ^^



Predators everywhere.

It was bad enough that she had a fear of the meat-eating monsters, but now she was faced with a whole hoard of them. Suddenly, the idea of getting one of trinkets wasn't sounding much like a good idea.

At least she had @Klavdiya at her side. It helped to ease her anxiety a whole lot, and prevented her from suggesting they just go back and come back some other time, though the suggestion lingered in her mind. Still, Fairren's head was low and she looked around warily. She was trying to think rationally about the situation. Nobody would be bothered with them...everybody was busy conversing and getting their own gifts, just like she and Klav was. No harm done.

They can probably smell my fear-scent. And she tried her best to stop it but she couldn't help it. Her body was leaning just a little bit to Klav, hoping to feel support and comfort in feeling the doe's fur, and finally when they got to the pile, Fairren would sit. She didn't want her rump so exposed. Rummaging through the pile would be a quick endeavor, for as much as she would like to get something more to her style, anything looked like it would do now.

Arrives with Klavdiya.
Has a satchel on as of Jan 26th, 2019. Assume she's wearing it unless otherwise stated.

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At first, she was excited, even though it didn't show. Her face only betrayed confidence and calmness. But disappointment began to flood in when he admitted he had other plans. Ill-thoughts had little time to form in her mind when he spoke of meeting sometime somewhere else, and to prove it he gave a general location. A smile appeared on her face; he wanted to be more discreet about it, that was fine by her. His tail rubbing along her left side sent a pleasant shiver down her body. Ruth watched with intrigued eyes as the man first trotted away, then began to speed-off to accomplish whatever he had planned.

It wasn't full-on denial. He gave her a location, and all the signs he showed were unmistakable...Ruth might not be doing anything special tonight, but now she had something good to look forward to.

Her left forepaw would touch absent-mindedly at the choker she wore. She wondered if it could be used as more than just a trinket...the feline could feel the magic imbued within it. Only one way to find out. She wasn't exactly sure what she was doing, but after moving away from the crowd a few yards away, Ruth sat down and began to focus. She had magic, the pearl had magic, so what could she do? Perhaps...perhaps she could...put her magic inside of it?

Nonesense. Crazy. Someone might want to steal it. Someone who wouldn't be able to get here on time and became jealous. No. She was not dealing with thieves. A glance would be taken towards the crowd at the pile, but afterwards Ruth was off. Better to keep it as just a regular old collar for now.

Ruth exits. @Corrin
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Mutations Event Only: Ruth is now male, with a deep, soft voice. He has no outer-ears, and is visibly blind.

Well, well, well. It seemed loitering around these plains was a brilliant idea. The Princess made a mental note to thank Fairren for keeping her company as they made their way toward all the action and drama. She was kind of glad that they'd shown up late, though, given the number of predators around. But oh wasn't it nice to see -

Was that a snow leopard?

The Princess broke from Fairren's side with a bleat, prancing with dignity (at least she could hope she was still dignified, nearly vibrating with excitement as she was) toward the black and red cat. "О, слава богам! Пожалуйста, скажи мне, где ты знаешь ..." she said, but as she nearly collided with the man in her excitement she registered that he was entirely unfamiliar. His scent was weird. His expression was weird. He wasn't from Ledsbar. The strange look he was giving her told her that much. "O-oh.... my apologies, sir... I- I thought you were someone else," defeated, the doe swung her head back and forth and turned, trudging forward.

She spotted the pile of goodies and her head rose, surveying it closely. There was so much. So many pretty things! Her disappointment vanished as she approached the pile, scouting the objects. She really wanted one of everything, but there was the most awful sensation about doing that which crept over her. Maybe just two little things, then? The foreboding did not ease up. She would see what she got, and then make her choice on how far to push things.

The doe turned her head, looking for Fairren among the crowd. She'd left her alone. Around predators. "Fairren?!" She called, for a moment afraid she'd lost the horse. She ducked her head to snatch a goodie - just one for now - and then her head came back up, item held delicately between her teeth. "Fairren!" She called again, voice slightly muffled from the item.

OC Note: Powerplayed Dragon a lil' bit. He's my character. @Fairren
*О, слава богам! Пожалуйста, скажи мне, где ты знаешь ... -- O, slava bogam! Pozhaluysta, skazhi mne, gde ty znayesh' ... translates to: Oh thank the gods! Please, tell me you know where-....


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Vulcan rolled 47 and a 2, meaning he gets a mana Pearl with 25 mana. @Vulcan  Happy roleplaying!

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Shadow rolled 56 and a 3, meaning he gets a mana Pearl with 50 mana. @Shadow Happy roleplaying!

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Fairren rolled 89, meaning she gets a mana amulet of the roleplayer's description! Please tag a staffer when you have posted to collect the item so we can add it to the notes section of Fairren's profile. @Fairren Happy roleplaying!

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Klavdiya rolled 88, meaning she gets a mana amulet of the roleplayer's description! Please tag a staffer when you have posted to collect the item so we can add it to the notes section of Klavdiya profile. @Klavdiya Happy roleplaying!

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Instead of fur meshing together was fur, her right side was met with nothing but the empty space of where Klvdiya was just a second ago. She watched the doe walk up to a random leopard and start speaking probably the same language she once spoke to with Eric, but she didn't bother watching them or getting any closer to that leopard, even if it meant getting closer to Klavdiya. She's obviously busy talking to him, so... she thought sheepishly (she might as well be a sheep). The result of her not going to Klav was that instead she went as a trot to the one, sat her rump down quite forcefully, somehow managed to grab one of the smallest items in the pils -- a silver ear-ing with the pearl attached to the locking mechanism -- before she hastily trotted away from the both the pile of jewelry and the swarm of carnivores.

Her breath was audible for a few seconds, the noise louder due to her semi-parted teeth as they grabbed hold of the ear-ring and put it inside the satchel. She'd put it on later. Quite soon, Fairren could hear her name amongst the crowd. She could scarcely make out Klav's form within in, and made a little half-neigh, half-chuff noise for her to follow. She didn't want to raise her voice over the crowd and have anymore attention on her than what she already might have.


Horse by Colourize-stock | Rabbit by Rabbit-stock | Background by Thepurpleyard-stock | Made by Guardian

Item desc: A small ear-ring adorns her left ear. Only the pearl itself can be seen, but if one looked behind Fairren's ear, they could see the silver locking mechanism. @Kitsune
Interacts with @Klavdiya
Has a satchel on as of Jan 26th, 2019. Assume she's wearing it unless otherwise stated.

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It seemed that Gabriel was not coming. Such a shame...he would miss out on the God's gifts. The she-wolf stared in thought at the pile for a moment long, her expression unreadable. Yet she was thinking of taking another, of bringing one for her brother as compensation for missing out. He did not get to see the other Gods, but he could at least get a gift.

The thought was accompanied by a sense of unease. Ceartas looks up into the sky, the sense of something ominous suddenly looming over her, and she thought that maybe it was a sign of a God returning, but quickly she figured it out. It was a God, but a sign that told her she couldn't take another; no matter the reason.

What she found was a simple but beautiful rose-gold ring. The pearl was trapped at the top by golden hooks to keep it in place. Cea would put the ring on her left forepaw, on the third toe to the left, and she would take a sweeping glance over the crowd. Nothing much to see for now, but her walk away would be slow, in the event the Gods decided to come back.

Ceartas exits. Kitsune. Amulet: "Simple rose-gold ring with a pearl at the top."


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The child had heard the roar and had decided to go investigate cautiously. She wanted to know what was going on, especially since it was happening near the territory that they were currently calling home. Her legs were shorter than an adult's so it took her longer to arrive. However, when she did, she saw everyone grabbing something out of a pile and jealousy sparked. She wanted to get something too! Cressida ran over to the pile, her limbs carrying her body as fast as they could. When she made it to the pile of pearls and jewelry, she looked around making sure no one was near her.

She didn't want someone to take her stuff. After ensuring that no one was close, her head lowered as she opened her maw. As of right now, she was just trying to grab whatever came into her mouth. It hardly mattered what it was as long as it had value. Well, it all had value in her opinion and she wanted everything in front of her. She didn't want anyone else to get anything, except her brother of course. He could definitely get something, but all these strangers, they definitely didn't need or deserve what she thought was hers. Her tail flicked in irritation as she noticed how some creatures were getting away with some of her goodies.

If they weren't so large and quick to leave, they'd get an earful.

Karcsi trailed after Cressida toward the roars, ears twitching this way and that curiously. His eyes narrowed at the sight of so many strange animals, and his tail puffed up as he followed Cressida to the pile. There was a big black and red (snow) leopard some yards away, and some cubs smaller than them, and even a deer that seemed to be looking for something. But Karcsi didn't care about that. He cared about his sister, and the pile of treasures they had found. "Wow..." he whispered, awed by all of the things. He dashed forward, uncaring of the pressing within his mind that told him he was making a mistake. His paw flashed out to collect whatever he could from a few feet from his sister. So what if he was getting the feeling that something bad was going to happen? He could get out of all kinds of trouble - and it wasn't like he was paying much attention to what he had hooked with a claw.

As far as he was concerned, that whole pile now belonged to him and Cress, and everyone else was stealing. The rule was finders keepers, after all. Karcsi glared quietly at the deer nearby (Klavdiya) and his upper lip curled toward her for just a moment before he turned his attention back to the pile. What had he gotten? He was too excited to care about the "real" worth of the sparklies, only that they were sparkly, and his and -

It was likely not a wise idea for him to have tried to grab more than one.

OC Note: Klavdiya is my character, as is Dragon (black and red snow leopard). Also, yep, Karcsi's That Dumb Kid. Pray for him.


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@Cressida has rolled a 9 and a 1, meaning Cressida gets a Mana Pearl containing 10 mana.

The Princess
The item dangling from between deer teeth as the Princess searched for her friend was nothing extraordinary - at least she didn't think it was at the moment as she trotted quickly back over to the silvery mare. Upon reaching the other girl, the Princess stepped gingerly toward her to press her shoulder against her. She was unafraid of the predators around them, not afraid to put her back to them at all. The only concern she had was toward the young feline that had sneered at her, but the child was of little concern.

The doe was careful to slip on her new apparel with a brief glance. Black satin nestled easily into her plushy winter coat, and a flower bloomed from the center in cool metal. Painted in pink and white, it was the prettiest starfighter lily that the Princess had ever laid her eyes on and made up by and large - for the moment - for the predicament she found herself in as a deer here. At the center of the flower, where there should have resided the parts to make the flower reproduce, was instead a simple white pearl. The Princess would consider that later.

"Do you think we should stick around and see if any other herbivores show up? This might be our best chance to recruit," the Princess suggested once she had successfully arranged the choker at her throat. It fit between the silver spots on her neck, leaving the pairs split but still visible to either side of the band.


OC Note: Interacted with Fairren
Picked up a black satin choker with a starfighter lily in metal, with the white pearl in the center as her mana amulet. It is just as excessive as she is, yes. @Mewwn @Kitsune @Split

"Princess hold your head high."


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After rummaging for a bit Shadow found a pearl like object. Curiously he took it in his mouth and sat down a short distance away from the pile. He wanted to carry out his his plan. He dropped the pearl on the ground between his front paws and observed the other creatures around him. His mind would snap back to thoughts of how he would get the black spotted leopard to fight for his freedom.

I despise leopards. I think I will get that leopard to fight for my freedom. I might even try to kill him after I get my freedom. If it looks like he will loose then I will take him as a pet. A fitting fate for a foul species. With that thought he picked up the manna pearl and walked over to Dragon.  The young wolf stopped a short distance away from the feline and sat down. He carefully he placed the next to his right paw. Anxiety built up inside him. Inside he knew what he had to say.

The wolf kept his voice pup like and innocent feeling like it was the only way to make his lie work, "Sir I need help. I was captured by an evil feline that lives in the Grotto and forced to be her slave. She hurts me each time I do not do exactly what she wants. I just barely escaped from her. She is hunting me down and will kill me if she finds me. Please,  I need help winning my freedom. She is too strong for me to defeat. Please I beg you to help me." Shadow put his head down afterwards. He did not know if his ruse would work. If it did not he would merely tell Damia that he tried to hurt him.


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Colbert watched the group for a little while, until an unknown feline came strolling close to him. He seemed to be attracting a lot of attention, for some reason. Colbert didn't know who the man was, or what he wanted, or why he'd sat where he'd sat, or why so many creatures were trying to talk to him -- either because they knew him or by accident or arbitrary choice, Colbert couldn't tell -- but it was kind of uncomfortable to be around and so Colbert moved away without a word. He picked a spot farther off, took a seat, and honed his focus in on the members of Okan, the two cubs, and occasionally flicked his gaze to Amelia and that strange black-and-red snow leopard who'd been sitting behind him. After a while of watching, Colbert felt as though whatever events were transpiring between the crowd of creatures were being handled and probably weren't something all too noteworthy. The cubs seemed to be being handled. Kimagure was here herself, after all, and if she really wanted to take interest in any of the interactions between creatures going on in this environment, she would likely do so herself. Colbert felt no obligation to be there anymore. So, soon after he'd made up his mind, he'd left. Once again, without a word.

- exit -

Dragon found himself assaulted from behind by a deer. The girl's voice was light and airy, but the language she spoke was unfamiliar. When Dragon's head turned, eyes tearing away from Mitis and the cub and the fox, he stared coolly at the doe until she skittered away, clearly flustered. Good. Dragon didn't want another deer hanging off of him.

He resumed staring off into space, listening to the crowd. The little black fox had decided to take his leave, and while Dragon was considering heading back to Ireneus himself, a wolf approached. Dragon's ruby eyes dropped to the youth, studying him. The kid sat down, using a pup-like voice that tugged at Dragon's heart. It was such a strange way to approach someone, though. Dragon's eyes shifted from the boy toward Kim, and then toward Vulcan.

Why not approach the largest animal there.

Why not approach a leader.


Feline in the Grotto?

Dragon's eyes swept back across the gathered animals, blinking slowly at the two young leopard's over by the pile. One was as red as the red woman. The one that Ireneus had a neutrality agreement with, however tenuous it might have been. Dragon's eyes dropped back down to the wolf. "I don't see a scratch on you, kid," Dragon's voice was gruffer than he intended. No one said 'I beg you' to a stranger. No one really approached a stranger.

The man was on edge a moment later, his heavy tail puffing up and his ears laying back against his head. They were in a public place, with so many others around... surely no one would be dumb enough to attack out here in the open. Dragon felt a chill creep up his spine. "Besides, the only cat I know in the Grotto is the red woman, and no one in Ireneus can put a paw on her. We're neutral," Dragon's eyes narrowed slightly. The pearl between his toes was growing uncomfortable the longer he sat there, and he was starting to think he needed to walk away. The pup was unique, sure, with his blue dorsal stripe that reminded Dragon of Fang's blue stripes, but a black and white pup acting like it was the end of the world that an adult was looking out for him? Dragon doubted he was a slave. The red woman had been so against Ireneus having them that he didn't think her capable of such a thing.



Her blue fur stuck up, especially along her scruff and back, as a tall, red and white creature with tall ears approached. Not mommy or daddy. Not even close to Micah, either! Speaking of her brother, the fox seemed to inquire if the unknown other cub was him. Deciding she had to check once more, her vibrant eyes locked upon the male cub, and she felt hot with frustration. It didn't look like him. But then again, Kanta didn't look like herself, either. As she looked back at the red creature, another had joined in. To Kanta, she looked like the first one, but also didn't. Again, the male cub was inquired to be her brother. Her ears fell back as she once more tried to solve the mystery. "Micah?" She tried, questioningly as she raised her voice for it to hopefully carry other to the other cub.

"Dunno." She whined as her body shrank into itself, desperately craving the safety of her family. Familiarity. "Where Mommy and Daddy?" In her shrunken posture, her head swiveled from left to right, even tilting every so often for better angles as she peered around sets of legs and tails, not just of the creatures closest, but also those further off. Frustrated tears exaggerated the reflections in her vibrant eyes. Why didn't they respond to her mewls for rescue, but instead these intimidating, towering strangers?

@Mitis @Amelia


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-- Cadis --

He had returned to the realm of the Gods, but his gaze remained on the mortals bellow. Though he had left the magical artifacts to them, he did not intend to allow an imbalance of power to form... and as he saw one young man claim more than he was due despite the warning he had left behind, Cadis reached for him and his magic encircled Karsci, freezing him in place and the leopard's vision went dark.

All the leopard would see was the massive black lion bathed in a small circle of light, his sapphire eyes boring into him. Cadis read the young man's heart, looking into his past, present, and potential futures. "Karsci Atse-Antonios... Greed is a dangerous emotion, even more so when it is not tempered by reason and self-control. In this I see the potential for a lesson, and so I shall give you one," he said, eyes never wavering. One of the items the young leopard had laid paws on disappeared into smoke while the other morphed and twisted, a thin, black chain forming into a delicate filigree wrapping time and again around the pearlescent stone, which darkened and changed until it was a soft, glowing red. Cloaked in chains, the stone was held delicately in place. Which a soft whisper of clinking metal, it snaked up his leg slowly, moving through his fur until it linked around his neck.

Painfully tight at first, it gradually loosened until the amulet settled at his neck, appearing mostly innocuous after it settled. "You will find that it is impossible to remove this amulet which will curse you rather than act as a blessing, as it would have had you showed self-restraint. After a season, you may come to my temple beneath the sea by consuming my magical herb and swimming through the caverns accessible from any territory that borders the ocean and I will see if you have learned your lesson. Either learn to be generous... or learn to control yourself, child. I will watch your progress closely and await your arrival," he told Karsci. His words echoed for a moment and then Karsci's vision would return along with his ability to move.


INFORMATION: No creature can see or sense Cadis besides Karsci. Karsci has been cursed with the Amulet of Avarice, a magical artifact that hurts rather than helps the user. His mana will be decreased by 50 for both of his branches of magic, leaving him with a maximum mana of 50 in both. This means he will be unable to perform any spells higher than level 3 as well. In 6 OC weeks he may attempt to visit Cadis's temple to have the amulet removed, however it is not guaranteed it will be. If there are any questions, please DM staff!


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