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Spring Y3
8.29.19 - 10.13.19
by Split, 08-31-2019, 09:06 PMRE: News Archive
It's time for an update to how we handle time! Now that we are a couple days into the first season of this year, I'll explain how our flow of time will now work. We will be keeping double time, but our time will be more fluid. Essentially, from here on, you will be allowed to back date threads.

All threads from here on out will need to have a date AND time listed in the thread title. This will allow users to see exactly when a thread occurred.

Previously, if you posted a new thread, the time and date that thread was posted was the time in which that event was happening. We are altering the rules regarding timelines to allow you to backdate threads for any date in the current year. (This is Year 3.) So this year started on 8.29.19. You may date a thread from the current date backward to the first day of the year. So as today is 8/31/19, you may date a thread for any date between 8/29/19 and 8.31.19. You may not date threads forward.

So as the year progresses, you will be able to date threads for any time that has already passed in the year, but you must be careful not to break your own character's timelines. The best way to track a character's timeline is to go to their profile and click the button on it labelled "Thread Log". It shows every thread the character has ever participated in. Likewise, events that would break your timelines should also be carefully monitored. So, for example, if I posted a thread for a character dated for today in the desert, it would break the timeline if I posted a thread dated for the 29th in which they ended up dying.

Excessively breaking your own timelines or other characters' timelines is frowned upon and if done consistently, Staff may intervene. Tomorrow I will be instituting changes to leader logs and pregnancies that reflect these changes, so keep an eye out! Please DM or PM a staffer if you have any questions.
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The Creation
Blood poured from the monster's mouth as it limped through the Moors. Its tail dragging behind its wings dangling from its body loosely, it blearily looked back and forth. Rage still boiled passively through it, as it always would. The Manticore was nothing more than destruction and divine magic woven together by a clever hand. The monster was very nearly in the dead center of Omne, near the border of the savanna to the west. It opened its great maw and roared a guttural sound that echoed across multiple territories, though it held none of the ear-splitting power it once did. 

The Manticore screamed again, looking around for a victim or a fight. Though it had been harried by the gods for several days, the three divine creatures were no where to be seen.


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-- Cadis --

His eyes traced trail of blood that the Manticore had left as it wandered onward. Multiple attacks had left it crippled and weaker than ever before and the Eldest knew it was time to finish this fight. He flicked his attention to Eura moving silently beneath the surface of the earth, aligning herself beneath the Manticore while Actun rested far above atop a cloud, regarding it with an enraged expression on her face. Cadis remained cool and calm, slowly striding out onto the Moors, approaching the Creation from behind. As he drew nearer, he purposefully allowed his claws to scrape over rocks to generate sound.

The Manticore jerked its head around toward him clumsily, lips drawing back over blood-stained fangs to hiss at him. As it turned its body around, struggling to lift its scorpion-like tail to prepare to attack him. He stood silently still, watching as it finally turned itself around to face him. He flicked his tail and all hell broke loose.


INFORMATION: All of the Gods' auras can be felt. All Gods are the size of medium creatures of their selected species.


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~ Eura ~
As her brother's tail flicked, Eura lunged upward. As her body violently burst from the earth beneath the Manticore, she wrapped her forelegs around its chest, her hind claws rising upward to sink into its stomach. She sank her teeth into its flesh beneath its foreleg, her powerful jaws succeeding in piercing its thick hide. The creature shuddering to a stop, rearing its head back to breath fire onto the goddess. Eura's trust in her siblings, especially with her brother coordinating this attack, allowed her to maintain her assault despite the imminent threat of harm to her being.

A rough thud announced Actun's arrival, but still Eura did not falter. She clawed its belly mercilessly, shredding flesh and muscle with her powerful legs and maintaining her hold despite the bunch and pull of its muscles with her forelegs. She whipped her head, tearing its muscle beneath its foreleg with her jaws as her eyes sought Cadis, for the final blow was his to give.



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. Actun .
Her paws rested on the clouds as she watched the Manticore far below. Her eyes were far better than any mortal's, so it was simple for her to discern exactly what was occurring below. Just as promised, Cadis drew its attention, causing it to turn to face him. Actun's eyes remained on her brother as she waited for his signal. After a moment, it came.

She flung herself downward, needing no wings to soar. She plunged sharply, seeing her sister already having burst upward from the earth to cling to its underside. It took only a second more for Actun to impact with its back, her jaws springing forward to grasp it at the nape of its neck, holding its massive head in place and preventing it from breathing flames onto her or her siblings. Ears pinned and eyes focused on her quarry, she awaited Cadis's final blow.



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-- Cadis --

His sisters executed their portions flawlessly, so now it was time to play his own part. With the Creation restrained and occupied by his sisters, he bounded forward. With his maw open and teeth coated in a strange blue light, he closed the distance. Eura's eyes trailed his progress, narrowing slightly, though Cadis did not notice this. He was preparing himself to deliver the killing blow. As he drew near, he reared onto his hind legs to plant them on either shoulder of the beast, sinking his fangs into its throat. As his power pulsed forward, he undid the magic that created the Manticore, allowing its life force to change form.

Slowly, as if melting into water, it faded into something new. Seemingly hundreds of small pearlescent stones formed from the droplets, falling to the Gods' paws. Intermixed were necklaces, rings, earrings, and other jewelry as Cadis's magic shaped the power into something more innocent. The three of them stood in a circle, observing the small pile of stones and jewelry. Cadis passed his tongue around his lips.

"Excellent work, my sororibus. Let us leave the remnants of the monster for the mortals. Power is neither created nor destroyed, and it will return to the land in its own way. There is no need that we waste energy interfering when the magic to be given is such a paltry amount. Let us return home and recover," he told them, leaning forward to press his muzzle against each of his sisters in turn before fading into smoke and disappearing.

Nodding, Actun faded away into beams of light. Only Eura remained for a bit longer, examining the pearl-like gems for a moment more with a furrowed brow before bursting into a cloud of dust and disappearing herself.


INFORMATION: Due to the volume of the Manticore's roars, any and all creatures in Omne may have heard them and arrive here to collect ONE item, as rolled for by staff. The items available are as follows:

Mana Pearl - These special gemstones resemble pearls and are about the size of a golf ball, they glow softly in the dark. They come in power levels of 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 mana.
Breaking them will result in the creature who broke the pearl gaining the amount of mana inside. This may be used to "supercharge" a mana pool. (For example, 200/100 mana.) This does not increase their capacity for mana, it merely adds to their current store. The character will, however, be able to sense that the mana pearl has magical power. Once broken, the pearl disappears forever. Your character has a 65% chance to receive a pearl when searching through the pile. They have an equal chance to receive any of the power levels. So staff will roll a d100 with 1-65 being pearls and if a pearl is acquired, a second d5 will be rolled with 1 being 10 mana pearl, 2 being a 25 mana pearl, 3 being a 50 mana pearl, 4 being a 75 mana pearl, and 5 being a 100 mana pearl. These items CAN be stolen and characters will not know what purpose they serve, but as a hint, I'm sure any one of the Gods (excluding Rudis) would be happy to explain their purpose and even identify the power level to mortals who visit them.

Amulet of Mana - These are pieces of jewelry with pearl-like stones embedded in them. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ect. (Note, if an earring, only one earring will be acquired. Its description is up to you beyond the fact that the stone resembles a pearl and glows softly. Much like the mana pearls, these special amulets are involve mana. Each amulet starts off empty, but up to 200 mana can be stored inside for future use. When a character stores mana inside, their own mana is depleted by the amount stored for 1 OC month. They will effectively have less mana until the month is up, after which they will recover and be able to use the typical amount of mana. While their mana is depleted, they will not be able to use any powers that would normally consume that much mana. For example, storing 10 mana would mean that your character cannot use level 5 powers for a month.

However, the mana inside the stone can be used at any time. So if the character truly wanted to perform that magic, they could use their own mana and the mana trapped inside the amulet to perform the magic. Mana stored in the amulet remains inside, even if it changes owners. Characters will not know what the amulets do, but they can sense that they are magical. I'm sure the Gods would be happy to explain their use to mortals who visit them in their temples, however, or they may discover their function through use. Characters have a 35% chance of receiving and amulet by searching the pile. When the d100 roll is performed, 66-100 will produce an amulet. If your character uses their amulet in any way, you must tag at least one staff member so we can verify it is being used correctly. If it changes hands, please tag us as well.

Very young children must be escorted by an adult to this event in order to receive a stone and each character will only be allowed to receive one item. If they attempt to take a second item, they will feel a sense of foreboding that something bad may happen. If they elect to take a stone anyway, there may be consequences. ;)

You have 14 OC days from the beginning of this thread to post your character here to request a roll. They must actively search the pile for staff to roll and you must wait for staff to post results before your character can claim an item. Characters may see and hear all the way back to the start of this thread if you would like for them to witness the whole thing.

Please request rolls in the plot update thread!


Vhynan Vlarden
Thou shalt not covet...
The roars had drawn the ivory male to the Moors. He had come quickly, wanting to know what exactly had created that terrible sound. Information was power, after all. As he drew nearer, he realized he had become involved in yet another event with the Gods. He watched as the massive, lion-like beast was turning to face the lion god. He saw nothing to indicate fear in the lion, and with a flick of his tail, things began to happen quickly. A tiger goddess burst from the earth and latched onto the creature, he knew she was a goddess simply from her aura. As she tore into the beast, a sudden flash of white announced the appearance of yet another goddess. It seemed this was an affair for multiple deities. He looked around for the god Rudis, but did not see him.

Before he knew it, the lion god was approaching the beast. As he neared, he raised onto his hind paws and sank his teeth into the beast... it melted. It turned into so many gemstones and pieces of jewelry. Instantly Vhynan's eyes widened and he wanted them for himself. He wanted them all. He listened as the Gods spoke. Even better, he could have them. He watched as the tiger goddess observed the pile for a moment, and then he darted forward as soon as she disappeared. Hurrying towards the pile, he began to nose through it quickly before anyone else could arrive. He wanted to select the best item out of those present, as he could sense they were magical. Vhynan was not foolish enough to think he could claim the whole batch... not without a fight. Surely someone else would have heard the roars and would arrive soon enough, wanting their own piece of the prize.

He walks... He talks... He thinks...


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Item Roll

Vhynan rolled a 6 and a 4, meaning he gets a Mana Pearl containing 75 mana.


It was powerful, loud, godly. Here was her second chance. She knew that was the call of the Gods -- no normal being could make such a call.

And so, she was off. Ceartas did not know where Gabriel, but it did not matter. If he missed it, she would simply tell him what happened later. Her main priority was to get there, possibly before everyone, and speak to the Gods, no matter how aggressive and challenging the call sounded.

When she arrived, the she-wolf saw many yards away a scene she has only seen in her wildest dreams. There were three of them, all with divine auras shown and looking nearly as normal as any mortal, but only one of them she recognized. The Lion God, as she has come to call it. No names were said, and the only words spoken were from the Lion God. That creature...that was the one who had made the call. Could it have been the other God, the organic one, that they killed? Nonesense...nonesense...When the beast was killed, Ceartas wasted no time. She would talk to them, she would be known, and know them as well. She could pray, but what good would her prayers do if they could not see how much those prayers meant? Götter! she called, wanting to be heard, wanting to be acknowledged. To be allowed time to know them, to speak to them.

But they're gone again. They're gone.

Ceartas noticed another male wolf who had watched the event unfold as well. He was massive, even larger than Gabriel, but she did not care. Trinkets and other jewelry was left behind by the passing of whatever beast had been killed, and she would not allow this opportunity to be wasted. Ceartas would walk towards the pile, sitting down and uttering a thank you prayer to the Gods. They were Gods, they were busy. Of course they had no time to get acquainted with one measly mortal, but she would get their time. She would wait for however long it took, even if it took her whole life, and she would make her time worth it. The she-wolf dug into the pile, hoping to perhaps find some jewelry to adorn her.


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Item Roll

Ceartas rolled 80, meaning she gets a mana amulet of the roleplayer's description! Please tag a staffer when you have posted to collect the item so we can add it to the notes section of Ceartas's profile.



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Kimagure Stagner
She was patrolling the borders when the roars drew her attention. She moved to the savanna, taking to the skies to soar towards the source. As she came nearer, she saw Cadis. The lioness gradually brought herself to a stop, landing not far from where the white wolf male that had approached her borders was. She watched in fascination as they attacked the monster. She had never seen anything like it. The creature was lion-like, but possessed massive bat wings like herself, but its multiple eyes and scorpion tail was not. She had not even been aware that such a beast existed... but based on what she saw, the gods did not want it to. Soon enough, it was destroyed by Cadis himself. The show of power impressed her, but did not surprise her. After all, they were Gods.

She listened to what was said, and as soon as Eura disappeared, Kimagure moved forward to claim her own prize. She had noticed how quick the two wolves had moved, but she took no mind of it. She assumed they just wanted to ensure they actually got something. As Kimagure drew nearer, she realized the items were magical. For a moment, she instinctively wanted to claim the entire pile, but a terrible feeling of foreboding stopped her. It was best to go with her gut, she knew. So Kimagure simply rifled through the pile, deciding to take one thing for herself. As soon as she made that decision, the feeling faded away.

She walks... She talks... She thinks...


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Item Roll

Kimagure rolled 78, which is an Amulet. I will tag either Kitsune or Mewwn when I select the item so they can add it to her notes section.


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The roaring yanked Colbert right into the scene. There was no way he wasn't going to investigate that sound. Gosh, it was so loud, there was no way it was just a normal occurrence just transpiring somewhere. This was absolutely weird, and his business. He was making this his business, whatever it was. He'd come running.

Panting as he approached, Colbert watched the fight go down. Creatures that could only be deemed Gods, battling some horrid abomination. Colbert stood awestruck as he watched, probably a bit too close to be considered safe from the fight. How far would he have had to be to be considered "safe"? Well, scale, when it came to the level of Gods, had to be thought about in a different way. Colbert probably wouldn't be safe as long as he could see and hear the battle. So it kind of didn't matter. He watched from where he was anyways.

An epic victory was won by the Gods. One burst from the ground, latching onto the beast's chest and securing it from below. One came from the heavens, slamming down onto the beast's back and securing it from above. And then came the finisher, the executioner in grey, the lion who came and bit the beast's throat. Colbert expected blood. What he saw, instead, was... gemstones? Jewelry. Relics. The beast had melted into valuables.

Colbert was deeply confused.

The Gods vanished after the grey one gave the word. All that was left was a pile that mortals were free to take from. Well, why not? With every reason he could think of powering him forward, Colbert approached the pile and starting digging for... whatever he was digging for. It wouldn't take him long to pull something of interest out. He wouldn't even notice familiar faces begin to gather as he sought something of value from the pile.

The roars had begun again, but this time the volume was so loud that Dragon's teeth had rattled. He had taken off, bounding out of Ireneus's territory with fire in his eyes, right down the bottom of the forest and into the moors. It was an unearthly sound, and this time he would not miss what made the noises. He had ignored the roaring previously, but this? This could not be ignored. It was a threat, and danger and Dragon would not stand for it to remain. He wished more than anything for fire, but he accepted that he would have to work with what he had - teeth, and claws, and the fury of a father who had lost his children.

But by the time he barreled well and truly onto the scene, it was too late for much of anything. There were three godly creatures, a beautiful white wolf, a lion, and a tiger - and they were all fighting some sort of creature that- that vanished and turned into pools of, of items. But Dragon's breath had caught in his chest not at that, but at the wolf. She had no red on her, he could not see her eyes, and she was a god, but all his brain told him was that it was his Storm, all grown up, no longer a babe.

The man stood still for a long time, long enough that a large white wolf, massive as Dragon himself, and a smaller brown wolf had begun to investigate the jewels. Long enough that Kimagure had joined the growing group, Dragon stood there, jaws parted, silently begging the gods to return - or at least one to return so he could beg them to tell him the fate of his family - for longer than he would have liked. His paws felt like lead as he moved toward the pile. There was no anger now, only an ache in his chest for the life he had lost. He had been doing well to ignore it since speaking to the red leopard and Kimagure. He busied himself hunting, learning his body, learning to fight. He kept himself occupied with Ireneus and he feigned ignorance to his own heart and mind.

And now a god had shattered that delicate grasp on his new reality, just by her appearance. He approached the pile slowly, reaching out a paw to blindly drag an item toward him. He hadn't heard Cadis's words, so stunned, and his attention had become so narrow that, though he saw Kimagure, he did not truly see her. She was as much part of the scenery as the other wolves at that moment - just something that he needed to ignore. Having chosen to only take the first thing his paw came into contact with, the man did not care too much about what it was or what use it would have in the moment.


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That thing was still alive? Well, she supposed she shouldn't be complaining about it. It could be worse. It could be trying to eat at her and everyone else she knew's faces, blood and guts splattered everywhere...So she shut up. Maybe the Gods were dealing with it right this moment. Only one way to find out.

Oh look, there they were. The wolf, the tiger, and another one she's never seen before. Well, until now. She was watching silently from a distance, aware she wasn't the only one witnessing the beast's demise, and when everything was said and done, she went over to investigate the pile of magical jewely along with everyone else.

She didn't really...fancy the idea of wearing jewelry. Kind of uh, a bit pesturing in a fight. So maybe she'd find like an earring or something. Actually, it could easily fall out...ooh, maybe a choker was in here? That sounded sexy. Only one way to find out.

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Mihnue walked along the southern border of the forest, practicing her magic. As she moved past a tree, she turned her head towards  the plant, #water knife activated to stab it. A tiny hole was put into it, but nothing major. Her ears perked at the roar and the winged woman decided to go investigate. As far as she could tell, it sounded like the beast that the goddesses had fought some time ago. Launching into the air, she flew in the direction the roar had come. Upon arrival, she noticed the creature, who was beat up. There was no doubt that the gods had been working to eradicate the abomination.

The woman remained in the air, watching as the gods sprung into action. Eura attacked from the ground, Actun from above, and Cadis got it by the neck, destroying the creature. She watched as large pearls and jewelry were created as a result of its death. She landed, deciding not to rush like everyone else. There was no point in doing such a thing. She approached the pile before lowering her head and opening her maw to grab something, whatever it might be. Mihnue wasn't too picky and truly anything would do.
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He was inching closer to adulthood, not that it truly concerned the hyena. It just meant he'd receive more liberty, something that would only excite him. As he walked he heard a loud roar. His ears flicked back and he decided that it'd be best to go see what it was. The young man ran in its direction, moving through the jungle rather easily because he'd learned to traverse the land after living there for so long. As he ran, he was surprised by an okapi, which ran into him, causing them both to go tumbling. Aesir's side ended up scraping against a tree, causing it to bleed a bit, #hemostatic helping his bleeding stop quicker.

He rose to his feet to look to the herbivore. Its right foreleg, the metatarsal was bent out of place. The creature made a lot of noise, no doubt due to the pain. Aesir approached it, touching its leg with his nose so #bonewright would heal it. Without hesitation, he used #healing hand to care for himself before continuing towards the sound of the roar. In the distance he was able to see as the gods attacked some monstrous creature and by the time he got close, the creature turned to jewelry and pearls. He noticed his mother and Colbert getting something from the pile, so he decided to do the same. The boy would look through the objects, before aiming to grab something that might be valuable.


Corrin walked through the Volcano, which he had remained for a while. It'd been storming quite frequently, something that he ignored  for the most part. He kept himself full on lizard and the little creatures that lived in the territory. He had just finished eating one several minutes. Catching small prey and constantly eating helped keep his mind off of his lost family. Corrin had started accepting the fact that they weren't coming here. His mate wasn't here, his children weren't here, no one was here. Maybe it was time to try his hand at finding someone else?

He wasn't quite sure if he wanted to look for someone else, but maybe the man should get out of his comfort zone. It'd only do more good than harm. The thought was interrupted by a loud roar and he decided to go check it out.  Why not? Maybe something interesting would happen or he'd find something of valuable. Maybe he could find someone that could potentially be his next mate. No, he'd look some other time. Maybe in the spring. It'd be a new year and he could be a new man. The man arrived and he came just in time to see that creature lose its life to the gods. When it died, it dropped some items and he rushed over to get something. Corrin didn't care much to look at what he might pick up. No, he planned on grabbing it and going. There was no point in lingering.

Amelia Stark

The roaring had resumed. Amelia's whole body had gone tense, and then the fox was in motion, #quick reflexes activating so she could dash more quickly to the moors. She slowed after a few moments, green eyes narrowing at the scene before her. The gods again. She gathered herself, activating #dustmote and watching.

The fighting ended, and she strained to hear Cadis's voice. She felt her fur prickle in delight that they would be granted another item blessed. She waited, allowing the larger animals to ease forward and start digging in the piles. Her tail twitched, and when she spotted both Colbert and the hyena she'd seen only once before (Aesir), she headed forward.

The little fox blinked, stunned at the spread of items. She remembered how Actun had only wanted to give the mortals one item, and made the wise choice that she'd do best to only select one from the pile. A vague sensation of foreboding had crept into her mind at the idea of hooking two small objects, which told her that she had to behave. Which, for Amelia, was simple.

She eased up to the pile, carefully digging into it until something caught her attention.

Wishful.   Wanting.   Wanderlust.

Stock here.


He'd been doing his best to find the tigress the leopardess wanted, but he hadn't found her yet. It was difficult when he had never came across her. He'd find her eventually, that he was sure of. After all, Taras was working on it as best he could. The roar rang through the lands and he truly was gonna ignore it until he thought about how the tigress might arrive there. With that in mind, the man ran in the direction of the roar, which wasn't too far away. Arriving to the area, he looked around for where his target might be. Of course, he wouldn't attack her here. No, there were way to many people. He'd find her alone.

Unfortunately, she wasn't here anyway. Taras noticed everyone taking something out of the pile, so he decided to follow everyone else's lead. It'd make him seem like he was here for the reason that everyone else was. Afterwards, he'd definitely linger though, to see if she'd come around. If not, he'd just have to continue searching as he had. It would be harder without being able to track her scent. At least he knew how she looked. It should make things easier when he did actually spot her.

OC Note: Told by Kit via discord that Taras will know to be looking for Alexandra. <3


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Colbert rolled 82, meaning he gets a mana amulet of the roleplayer's description! Please tag a staffer when you have posted to collect the item so we can add it to the notes section of Colbert's profile  @Colbert Happy roleplaying!

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