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Zehiromal the land of the Loti (Lore and Information)


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This is a thread for record keeping for the Characters that used to live in Zehiromal, the land of the Loti.

It will contain information about the land, and will be updated as the characters and information builds more.

Facts (that exist in this version of the world): 
  • Main language is Arabic.
  • Coptic was the language of the Gods and the Loti (Lotus beings) known by only a handful of people.

Unique Terminology: (specific for this world)
  • Loti: (Pronounced Low-ty): The name of the small group of individuals, blessed/cursed by the gods with fertility and the propensity to produce female children at a drastically higher rate. Highly sought after. Only seven can exist at a time, six females and one male. Once one loti dies another one will be born in their place, always following their family tree unless no offspring have been born in which the Loti will be born into another family. They are considered in this world to be closer to the gods than other ‘mortals’ and each Loti has a unique relationship with the higher divine beings.
  • Loti-naql: The name of a forbidden ritual that transfered the Loti’s magical abilities to another being. Magic had to be awakened prior to transfer, and it is now forbidden for women to drink the Aqulor that would have awakened their magic. The ritual is very strict in its rules and what it requires, if anything is out of place or does not go perfectly then the cycle of that Loti will be broken, and a new one will not take its place. Three female Loti have been lost this way, leaving only four Loti left.
  • Havanzik: The seasonal event that serves like a ‘culling’ for men of the age of 1.75. They have their inner magic activated by the Aqulor and then are thrown into the giant cave system that spans underneath the kingdom. It is publically pitched as if it is a coming of age trial or that it will help weed out the weak. In actuality it serves as a way for the influential to remain such and usually the winners are hand selected prior to entering the ‘culling’.
  • Aqulor: the name of the ‘activator’ potion that was drunk in order to awaken someone’s inner magic. Came at a cost usually the partial loss of one of your senses, or the full loss of a single sense. (Senses that were affected, hearing, vision, and speech.)
  • Lhozrah: The term for someone that would be used for breeding purposes. Usually it is meant for someone in the submissive position. (Seen as degrading as its implied that they are a possession of the Jhozreh’s and not a being of their own.)
  • Jhozreh: The term for someone that would be used for breeding with the Lhozrah. (other terms it compares to is master, owner, or keeper.)
  • Zehiromal- Name of the Kingdom in which everyone lived in. Was very large in size with a palace, inner city, farmlands and etc considered inside its ‘walls’. It sat above an enormously large cave system that spanned three times its size.

Rules of Zehiromal: (Rules didn’t matter for the Pharaoh, his children, the elite, or those the Pharaoh specifically deemed ‘worthy’)
  • Each male 1.75 must participate in Havanzik, a ‘right of passage into adulthood’. Those who are found trying to escape this rule, or are hiding those who should be participating will be put to death.
  • If a Loti is spotted they are to be immediately reported to the guards, or the Pharaoh himself. A reward will be handed out to those who successfully assist in their identification.
  • A man shall only breed with a woman after he has successfully gone through Havanzik, and has also filled out his identification book. He will be put to death if found to have broken this rule.
  • Those found in participating in same sex relationships shall be put to death. It is for the good of procreation.
  • A man shall only have one wife, no more due to lack of females. If a female cannot be found by his fourth year, one shall be assigned to him.

  • Osiris Menefer- (AWD) Abraxas’ ‘Grandfather’/ father figure. Recently Deceased.
  • Amasis Ammon- (AWD) Abraxas’ Grandfather. Male Loti. Deceased.
  • Abraxas Ammon Menefer- (AWD) Male Loti. Grandson of Amasis. Son figure to Osiris. (Died and came to Omne) Will be an AWD in Omne, weighs 55 lbs.
  • Chike Sayyid- (Cougar) Pharaoh. Father of Aharon and Gamal. Infertile.
  • Neema Sayyid- (Cougar) Queen. Wife of the Pharoah. Female Loti. Mother of Aharon and Gamal. Semi Recently Deceased.
  • Aharon Sayyid- (Cougar) First born son of Chike and Neema. Brother of Gamal. Infertile. (Died and came to Omne. Infertility can be fixed coming into Omne.)
  • Gamal Sayyid- (Cougar) Second born son of Chike and Neema. Abraxas’ first love. Brother of Aharon. (Died and came to Omne)


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A Letter from a father to his son. (The last Letter Osiris wrote to Abraxas.)

My dear Abraxas,

I wonder if you could find it to forgive me, if I told you the truth. I wonder if you could handle it, if you would push me away. I wonder if it would have mattered to you at all, if you knew it all. Abraxas, that was the name that I gave you, though, I was not the one to name you. I was the one who raised you like my own son, though I am not your father, I am not even your grandfather. What if I told you I was not related to our family at all? What if I told you, I knew a lot more about that lotus birthmark than I told you? That I knew everything about the Loti and what has happened to them? What would you think if you knew just how much of the truth I hid from you. I did what I thought was best, I only hope you make it out alive, that you emerge to a different world.

To be honest, everything I know about the Loti, I learned from someone else. I once knew a boy like you, a long time ago. I myself was an orphan, my parents both died when I was very young, I had to fend for myself in the world, in this kingdom we call home. When I was a young boy, I met a boy, very much like yourself. Amasis was a male Loti just like you. A pure soul, energetic and happy, just like you. He told me all the secrets of the Loti. Remember I told you about how many generations ago, how our people once prayed to the gods because we had so few men? We got our wish, instead more men were born versus women, but as a reminder for our faults, our inability to help ourselves, the Loti were born. Seven is considered the perfect number, the number of the gods… So seven god touched beings were born into the world, six women and a man, as a reminder of what we once had. The Loti were not only a reminder of what the gods did for us, but served as a good omen or a curse, depending on your point of view. For the Loti women bore a high chance of birthing females, and the Loti male the same with their mate. It was the gods way of insuring our survival as well our potential downfall if we continued to be greedy. There is a lot more to that history, and I unfortunately won’t have the time to tell you about it all.

The lotus flower, represents purity, resurrection, the sun, devotion, ascension, enlightenment, rebirth, fertility, among several other things. The plant itself grows in the mud under the water, sifting through it all, growing upwards, breaking free of the surface, blooming above the water with its beautiful colors, absorbing the light’s rays. The Loti, were similar, angelic in nature, ethereal, an unreachable expectation of us normal mortals… the ones who lived in the water amongst the mud. The women were blessed with stunning beauty that could take your breath away, same with the single male, though the male was always easier to find, for his beauty was one to rival women, not men. Us greedy mortals, cherished them, worshiped them, fought over the right to breed with them, the male had it easier, as for awhile there were many women for him to choose from, though as the generations passed, it was found that the male Loti was better used as a breeding tool with men than to breed with many women on his own. For his power like other Loti was temporarily absorbed by whomever they mated with. Unlike women however, the man never experienced the delay with pregnancy or birth, or having to provide milk like the woman, so he was available to breed with all the time. The Pharaoh and his men back then believed forcing the male Loti to share his power with other men would help with our population issues. The idea proved to be successful for the first one they captured and enslaved. That Loti’s generation was the one to come up with the terms Jhozreh and Lhozrah. While the Pharaoh's idea did help with our population for awhile… they were never able to find another male Loti since him, thankfully… and our female population once again plummeted.

There was a rule among the Loti… there could never be more than seven lotus beings at a time, for seven was the perfect number, not one less, nor one more.  A Loti would be replaced once one died, proof of their birth was a mark of the gods, the lotus birthmark they bore somewhere on their body. There was only one way to stop the rebirth of a Loti, and that was with a special ritual. Something unique about the Loti as well is that part of who is chosen seemed to be genetic, the gods favoring and following family trees down as generations came and went.

Amasis’ family was the one to hold the male lotus gene, and his family tried hard to protect him… I am sure… that in their hearts they meant well. You see… they made Amasis hide from the world, dragging the lotus flower under the water, letting it never see the sun, drowning it, suffocating it from the light. His mother hoped with the name Amasis, meaning the child of the moon, he may enjoy the night better, since she planned for him to never see the sun. The thing about the lotus children, they loved the sun, would endlessly bathe in its warm rays if they could.

Every once and awhile Amasis would sneak out of his house, and bathe in the sunlight in the fields near the little hut where I lived. We became good friends very quickly, shared secrets, told stories. Amasis’ hid his lotus mark beneath layers of tar, for it stained his sandy fur and skin, hiding the mark, though he couldn’t hide his beauty. As we grew up we grew closer, very very close, we loved each other. I remember telling you Abraxas, that same sex relationships were forbidden, you need to be careful with that when you get out alive. I wish you the best of luck when you get out of that cave, I hope I can make the world better for you, I want you to be happy, just like Amasis would have wanted as well. If you are reading this, by now you should have put two and two together, Amasis, is your real grandfather, not I. A few days before the both of us went down into the caves, your grandfather was forced to breed with a woman. To carry on his line no matter what. It was forbidden to let a man who had not gone through the right of passage to mate… but Amasis’ own mother thought that he would not survive the caves. I was not going to let him die in the dark, under the water like the rest of us. He deserved to be in the light, to be happy.

Your grandfather and I, had no clue which activators we should drink… I drank one, and lost the hearing in my right ear… Amasis drank his and… lost his vision out of both his eyes. He would never be able to see the light again. I was determined to get us both out alive. I had fire magic, Amasis, had earth and healing… just like I know you will. Just like Amasis told me you would have…

I will spare you the horrors of what happened down there, as I am sure you probably had several horrific moments of your own to guess what happened down there. I hope you listened to my advice, I hope we both made it past a season. Though, if you are reading this… It looks like I didn’t make it.

Down in the caves, your grandfather got sick, his body wasn’t used to so much stress. I tried to help us get out both alive. But Amasis… knew he wasn’t going to make it. He made me promise to him, to marry the woman he slept with, to raise his kids as my own, in secret, to protect you. That litter of children would have been born at that point, so he said, that it would have to be one of his grandchildren who bore the next mark. He knew you were going to be born. He wanted me to raise you, how he would have wanted to live. Amasis gave me his magic… in that special ritual I spoke of earlier. I will never write down, it has already cost three female Loti their lives. This ritual’s secret to success and its knowledge will die with Amasis and I. I won’t allow you to use it. He gave me his magic, so I could survive, and live and protect you when you came along.

His death struck me to my core, two days after his death I managed to get out, I made my own tunnel to the surface, screw the rules. I was done playing this morbid game. I made sure Amasis was given a proper burial in a place no one will find. I did as he asked of me, I married the woman, your grandmother and raised his kids like my own. I never did have my own children. I couldn’t do it. My heart hurt too much. Your grandmother died before you were born, she was a nice woman, who onesidedly loved Amasis deeply, and kept our secret, knowing they would rip her children away from her if they found out what Amasis truly was. You get your quietness from her.

I knew you were marked the day you were born, your two aunts had given birth and none of their boys had the birthmark. So it had to be your mother. I am sorry for her, I feel like it is my fault that she turned out… to hate you. I don’t know what I did wrong, but the moment she saw you, she tried to kill you. You were so small, I begged her to raise you for a bit until you were weaned, she raised you for two weeks, before I stopped her from drowning you in the river. She didn’t even give you a name, so I gave you the one your grandfather wanted. Abraxas, the supreme god, ruler of 365 suns. Your grandfather wanted you to always be in the light, to enjoy it as much as you wanted. I raised you like my own child, and I loved you like my own. I wanted to do right by you and Amasis. You are a lot like him, strong, but gentle, kind but brave. You will make it out alive, I know it. I taught you everything I could, prepared you as best as I could, so you don’t need to rely on anyone else to help you.

Your generation… is much worse than mine. Amasis told me things people do to male lotus beings to make them comply. I never want it to happen to you… So, I am writing this while you are down in the caves, in case we don’t meet again. You look a lot like your grandfather, and by now the Pharaoh and the older generation has put together the fact you look like Amasis. They probably know by now you are the male Loti, I know… because they have been staked outside our house every night since you have gone down into the caves. They are planning something. Do not trust them Abraxas, do not trust anyone. They will lie to make you stay, and even force you to follow them. There is dark magic people can possess, much of which you would do well to avoid. Do you remember that song I used to make you sing, the one I never let you forget? I am sure you understand what you have to do, you are such a smart kid. I have spent years planning to help you escape and be free. I love you my son. Never forget to always trust yourself, and that you are braver than you think. Ignore whatever they may say I did. But, always remember, I am always on your side, I will fight for you, and I will protect you, so long as I shall live. I hope one day, you find someone. I hope one day, you are happy. Live your life in the sun, live your life freely, live your life for you.



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Abraxas Ammon Menefer


55 lbs

Egyptian Inspired, heavily symbolic meaning behind things.

Speaks, reads and writes- English, Arabic, Coptic

Menefer- Established and Beautiful

Ammon- The Hidden one

Abraxas- Supreme god, or the Great Archon, the god of 365 suns/spheres/heavens 


Abraxas is a dainty, feminine looking man, in fact if not for scent giving his gender away, from a distance he would most likely be mistaken as a woman due to his small, thin, feminine, petite looking frame. His gentle, graceful, facial features do nothing for his masculinity either. No matter the amount contrasting features it can’t be denied that he is in fact a gorgeous creature. He even has a gentle, soft sounding, higher pitched voice that is feminine in nature. Nothing much about this man actually says ‘masculine’ well except for a few biological features. His fur is predominantly devoid of the natural marble or ‘painted’ colorings of a typical AWD. Instead his fur has adopted a light sandy tan coloring from head to toe, except for a few hints of his AWD genetics. The typical AWD mask, covers his nose and mouth, but quickly fades away as it travels up his muzzle towards the rest of his face. 

Other than leaning more on the feminine looking side than masculine his appearance also screams his Egyptian heritage. Surrounding his left eye is the ‘eye of Horus’ in rich black fur. Around his ‘eye of Horus’ is three small patches of micro feathers, each patch is a different color, malachite green, jasper red, and metallic gold. Small metallic gold feathers are located at the bottom outer corner of his left eye, small jasper red feathers are located above the ‘mock eyebrow’ part of the eye of Horus. Finally small malachite green feathers are located just below the long curled part of the his eye of Horus marking. He also has a marking around his right eye as well, the iconic Egyptian ‘kohl’ eyeliner. Both markings on each eye as well as the feathers assist with making his blue eye color stand out, although, the colors are mismatched. On his right eye surrounded by the kohl eyeliner there is a soul piercing turquoise blue color while on his left eye surrounded by the eye of Horus and the colorful adornment of feathers is a rich Egyptian blue color.  

Adorning his head is a pair of 8 inch long male luna moth antenna that are white at the base, and seem to fade into a pastel like turquoise at their tips. They are fluffy looking in nature and seem to be very animated, giving away Abraxas’ inner emotion depending on how they are positioned or how much they are moving. Abraxas has two very unique symbols located on his body. One of them is located on the inside of his thigh on his hind right leg near his stomach is his birthmark in the shape of a blue lotus flower that is Egyptian blue in color. The second unique symbol is the crescent and sun symbol of the goddess Isis that is located on the other inner thigh. The circle that represents the sun is jasper red in color and located above the crescent which is colored Egyptian blue. Speckled across his face and body are freckles that look like shiny flakes of metal gold.  

Abraxas has a lot of different pieces of jewelry, everything that he wore when he died in his last life seemed to have remained on his body. Hanging from the bottom of each of his ears is a dangling earring which has a single blue lotus followed by two golden tear shapes beneath it. The lotus earring on his left ear has small but long chain on it that trails up to small gold stud piercing on the top of his ear. This set of earrings was placed on him by the Pharaoh’s command, proof of his heritage. Above the lotus earring on the right ear trailing up to the tip is a series of four more pierces, three round stud piercings followed by a small hoop earring at the very top, all of these were given to him by his grandfather Osiris. His grandfather also gave him a series of seven small thin gold bangles on his left front leg.


Abraxas’ true nature is hidden beneath layers of distrust, skepticism, and cautiousness. The man has been through a lot of abuse and betrayal, so truly warming up to others will take him some time. He is quiet, partially due to his reserved nature, partially due to his time in his past life living as a mute. Those who are close enough to him will find when he speaks his voice is gentle and pure sounding with an Arabic accent, though his voice is a bit high pitch for a man. To those lucky few who hear him speak often, may even hear him hum or sing. He has many hobbies, and is skilled in several things, he enjoys taking care of plants, healing people who need help. His is ‘Malayiki’, or angelic in nature, as well as passive, gentle, and shy. Though when he is happy he has a pure smile that could warm hearts. Though, all of this is hidden from strangers or those he does not trust. To those people he is seen as a scared, timid, terrified individual. Even to those who are close, he will still most likely be seen as such, at least partially. The man is terrified of caves, the pitch dark, of much larger creatures, large felines more so. He is scared of strangers, of angry or aggressive people, actually he is scared of a lot of things and tends to suffer from nightmares. Abraxas will not fight, unless it is an absolute last resort, and even then he is not very good at it. To those who he trusts he is loyal to, willing to go out of his way to try and assist. To those interested in him, they will find he is shy and innocent in advances, as well as highly skeptical and suspicious of the reason behind their interest.

Abraxas' History: (To be read as if he is telling the story from his point of view.)

The legend of the Loti, is one that would take a while to explain….

It is said that the lotus flower means many things. It represents rebirth, resurrection, grace, regeneration, purity, the sun, devotion, ascension, enlightenment,  femininity, fertility, just to name a few. The blue lotus specifically is special. My people highly cherish this plant, not only for its pleasant smell but also for its effects. The blue lotus flower is both narcotic and euphoric, becoming slightly hallucinogenic at higher doses. It is also said that the flower increases sexual arousal and has a potency enhancing effect. It was said that people who bore the birthmark of the lotus were touched by the gods, graced with beauty, blessed by those holy beings. I had this mark of the blue lotus specifically... but then again, I lived in a strange and unique land, one full of gods, superstitions, religion, beliefs, and lots and lots of rules. Not… all of our beliefs were valid, not all were good either. Many of my kingdoms rules, rituals, events and beliefs… had ulterior motives to them, some even fully fiction in nature. 

I was one son out of fourteen children, the runt of my birth litter, but not the youngest of the bunch. I had ten brothers and three sisters, a lot of siblings, I know. You see, there was a bit of an overpopulation problem with men, it wasn’t just my family who had so many boys. Lore is that dozens of generations ago there were few men, so my people prayed to the gods for more. Now the scales have tipped heavily in the other direction. Instead of praying to the gods to fix things, my kingdom took it upon themselves to remedy the issue. But more on that in a moment. You see there were other unique things about my kingdom, like for example, our kingdom was not small by any means, in fact it was four kingdoms that had merged into one. So our overpopulation with men was… HUGE. Secondly, my kingdom sat above the largest underground cave system in our entire world, it spanned three times my kingdom. Thirdly it was our proven belief that each person was born with an ‘inner magic’. It was one we could not activate on our own, but had to be activated by other means, by drinking a potion called Aqulor and it always had a price you must pay.

Speaking of those other means, my kingdom’s solution to our overpopulation issue happened again several generations before my own. There was to be a culling of men, every generation when we become ‘adults’. It was a sort of… morbid right of passage. They gather the boys a season shy of two years of age and we hold a ceremony, where we choose our Aqulor. There were only a few different types to choose from, but they were all kept in jars so that we all had no clue what we were choosing. Once we chose out Aqulor, we would consume it and a variety of things could happen. You could lose one eye of eyesight, or both, one ear of hearing, or both. Sometimes it was a combination, some poor souls got the worst of both. The last thing you could trade… was your voice. So you could become, blind, deaf or mute. Once you had your ‘payment’ made you had ten minutes until your magic awaken. You had to make your way over to the large pit in the center of the kingdoms, and you had to jump in. Given you first survive the fall, you were then supposed to make your way out of the cave system via another exit. The culling happened as soon as your feet left the upper world and fell into the caves. Those left alive fought against each other to get out, completing their passage into ‘manhood’. Why right each other though? Because there were only a limited amount of people allowed to make it out alive each season. The number depended on the amount of people going in. Those who made it out, past the number allowed… were killed on sight. Hence why people upped their chances by killing others. If you didn’t get out the season you were thrown in, then you had to bet your chances on next season… and so on. It was complete madness. 

But, onto my story I suppose. Since I was the runt I was always tormented by my siblings. I was abused, starved, beaten, bit, rammed into… the list goes on. I am small, I am dainty, fairly feminine looking, born with a blue lotus flower birthmark on my inner right back leg and… I like men. The last was taboo, and something only two people knew, my grandfather, and my first love. People who liked their own gender were often killed. It was believed if you would not procreate, especially for men, there was no reason for you to live. A stupid nonsensical rule in my opinion. But, even that rule could be bent for certain people.

My parents even viewed me as weak, I was passive and wouldn’t fight, allowing myself to get beaten by my much bigger siblings. My mom one night hatched a plan to have me killed when I was only a few weeks old. She never was able to make it happen because my grandfather took me away from her… from them, as much as he could at least.  He sheltered me, took care of me, raised me. My grandfather said he saw himself in me, said I was strong, that I would live a good life. He I knew for a fact forced the rest of my siblings and my family to keep my identity as a Loti a secret.

He was the one who taught me everything I know, he prepared me for the culling as well as pushed me to learn some trades so I had a way to make a living afterwards. The next whole year and a season I prepared, he drilled it into me on how to survive down there. He gave me rules to comply by. One, Trust no one, no one down there will be my friend. Two, no relationships, it will distract me from the goal. Three, do not sleep, nap instead. Four, do not show my birthmark to anyone, for I was a Loti… and that itself is dangerous. My grandfather and I call it a birthmark, though he told me at first it just looked like a circle, and as I grew it changed into a lotus flower, almost as if it bloomed. Still, lore was that it was to bring my mate and I good fortune and favor. Fifth rule was, pick the purple jar, losing an eye or an ear spells death down there, I can live without my voice. 

My grandfather had picked a red jar, he lost one ear’s hearing, he was a lucky one. They changed what activators go into what jars, but he happened to find out my generations configuration. My grandfather even tried to tell me the best places to get food down there. He said that he knew I would survive, that I would get out. Grandfather’s magic was earth, so he was sure that I would get it too. He said to be careful, because the culling is rigged, basically telling me that each year the winners are almost guaranteed by popularity, and I was not popular… however I was highly valued… again by my Loti status… The day of the culling came quickly. I did as he said, picked the purple jar… and watched as my four brothers of my litter picked theirs. I was going to have to fight them. I didn’t want to fight anyone. We all drank our Aqulor and said our goodbyes. I hoped this wasn’t the last time I saw my grandfather. But, it was…

I did as he directed, jumping into the hole at the spot he told me to. I survived the fall and got swept away with the underground river as he planned me to. After I made it back on shore in the caves, I got away from the river as soon as I could. Dead bodies got dragged with the river usually, and the residents down there ate… whatever they could. I soon discovered that I had healing and earth magic. I was the rare few who got two magics. I will fast forward my horror of the first season, I didn’t kill anyone, but I did a lot of hiding. I would temporarily cave myself into places, to avoid fighting others. I didn’t make it out that season, and I knew that they were killing those who got out… because as I found the cave exit, someone stopped me, a man named Gamal. Gamal was the same age as myself, he lost hearing out of one of his ears, and he saved my life I am sure of it. We traveled together. I broke rule one, rule two at the same time, eventually followed by rule four. I trusted him… I told him my secret both about my sexual preference, and my birthmark. Thankfully even though I was now a mute Gamal was able to read my lips pretty well. He admitted he had eyes for me starting from a while back. So... we began our relationship down in the caves. I trusted him with my life, and I fell in love. He fought for us when we needed to fight back, and I healed him when he got hurt.

Gamal told me that we didn’t have to stay, that when we got out we could go and travel somewhere else, to another kingdom. Said he would protect me, said we could be happy together. In my culture the man is supposed to give the woman jewelry to show their claim upon her. Gamal gave me a ring that belonged to his mother, his way of claiming me.  He called me his ‘Little Lotus’, I thought it was a cute nickname. I trusted his words… But I should have listened to the warning signs down in the cave. I should have listened to my gut, listened to my grandfather. Gamal was adamant on physical contact and mating, even when I didn’t want it. But I was at his mercy, I was half his size, weak, passive… mute. I couldn’t talk back, I couldn’t tell him to stop when he mounted me… and it felt like I was drugged everytime he took me. It was like my body wasn’t listening to my head. It felt like I was losing my mind. I thought it was just the nerves of possibly dying that was getting to both him and I…. I was wrong. I never actually did see him use his magic in front of me, and at the time I had no clue what it was. But, our together forever… never happened.

At the end of the second season, Gamal and I finally made it out to another exit. That was the season we emerged. I had no clue what to expect when we exited the cave, so at first, when the guards found us, and said nothing, I thought that was normal. It wasn’t. The guards looked at Gamal, then at me… then at the ring Gamal gave me. I swear that I saw one of the guards smirk. Alarm bells rang in my head, they were going to kill us for our relationship… at least that’s what I thought. I should have mentioned earlier, Gamal was the son of the Pharaoh, so like a prince of sorts. He was a popular man, unlike myself. We were brought to ruler’s throne room. Gamal’s father entered along with several male servants and Gamal’s brother. The servants dolled both Gamal and I in jewelry. I recognized most of the jewelry they placed on me as my grandfather picked it out for me as a reward for making it out of the caves alive. Though, the lotus earrings were not mine. I realized, then that the Pharaoh knew I was a Loti. I was in danger. But how did he know, Gamal and I had just gotten here? Where was my grandfather?

As if able to read my mind, the Pharaoh let me know that my grandfather died two weeks after I entered the caves. He told Gamal and I that technically there was only one spot left. Gamal suddenly exclaimed it was his. I was shocked… and I felt my heart break. Gamal so very quickly betrayed me. Gamal’s father… the Pharaoh let me know the only reason I am still alive was because of what they found in my grandfather’s house. They explained my grandfather had kept a journal that mentioned my birthmark. Gamal had seen my birthmark several times during our stay down in the caves… he confirmed it. It was then revealed to me at that point in time that Gamal had manipulation magic. He could manipulate the wills and choices of others to his bidding, though the closer the bond and the more physical contact, the easier it was. I had fallen into his trap. Gamal also let his father know my magical abilities. For you see, earth magic was rare, as was healing. So for them, they hit the jackpot with me, having both, and on top of that being the only male Loti. Like a starving man to a feast, both the father and the brothers looked at me with greedy eyes. 

I knew that the Loti were viewed by some as the ‘key to fixing everything’, but this was my first time seeing just how depraved someone could be. The Pharaoh had offered me a choice, saying he would excuse my sexual preference, and the fact I currently was supposed to be dead, if I submitted myself them, and did whatever was asked of me… becoming all of their Lhozrah. I knew what that meant for my future, and I knew the only reason it was being offered was because of who I was. My other choice, was to die. The Pharaoh was betting on the fact that I did not want to die, that I would submit myself. He probably was trying to get me to agree without force, though we were way past that already. The Pharaoh was right… and wrong in a way about me. Gamal and his brother at this point were arguing over me… but frankly I did not hear much of what was being said, and instead of answering the Pharaoh… I took the ring Gamal gave me off and ran. I did not want to die, but I would not let myself live like that. I knew that submitting myself to them would lead to a fate worse than death. I was no one’s possession.

Although I wasn’t even able to make it out of the door. Gamal worked his magic on me… I felt disgusted with the feeling as my body refused to work and I went from a run, to a walk… and then to just standing. I was like his puppet already… that was why he mated with me so much during our time in the caves, so I would fall under his magic, and was unable to deny his command. It was a disgusting feeling. What happened next… is something that will forever scar my heart. My will was strong, I resisted his magic with every fiber of my being. Gamal knew that, so he shoved me to the ground, mounted me, and... my brain began to fog, my will began to waver. My silent pleas, my cries and my resistance were ignored. He began speaking to me, trying to convince me, his words felt like the law, I was slowly losing myself. I felt myself slipping, as if he had a hold on my mind, so… I did the only thing I could.  His brother Aharon approached the both of us, and that caused me to snap. I was backed into a corner, and I did not want to be an Lhozrah… I killed all of us. My earth magic let me know of a deep pit like tunnel under the floor of the palace. With the last of my strength that I could muster with him on top of me… I opened the floor, the very earth beneath us, and plummeted all three of us to our death, myself, Aharon, and Gamal... I know I didn’t survive the fall, and I don’t think the brothers did either. Both the Pharaoh’s sons were my first kills, and one of them… was my first love. But instead of never opening my eyes again, I woke up to a new land.

It is said that lotus flower represents rebirth, resurrection… perhaps that is why I am alive again. I am not saying I want to go back to that kingdom. To where I used to live, there is nothing there for me anymore, however, I am not sure about this new place either. Everything here is weird, and new. I am scared… I need to find a place to hide. I hope… I never see anyone from my past again.

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