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Spring Y3
8.29.19 - 10.13.19
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It's time for an update to how we handle time! Now that we are a couple days into the first season of this year, I'll explain how our flow of time will now work. We will be keeping double time, but our time will be more fluid. Essentially, from here on, you will be allowed to back date threads.

All threads from here on out will need to have a date AND time listed in the thread title. This will allow users to see exactly when a thread occurred.

Previously, if you posted a new thread, the time and date that thread was posted was the time in which that event was happening. We are altering the rules regarding timelines to allow you to backdate threads for any date in the current year. (This is Year 3.) So this year started on 8.29.19. You may date a thread from the current date backward to the first day of the year. So as today is 8/31/19, you may date a thread for any date between 8/29/19 and 8.31.19. You may not date threads forward.

So as the year progresses, you will be able to date threads for any time that has already passed in the year, but you must be careful not to break your own character's timelines. The best way to track a character's timeline is to go to their profile and click the button on it labelled "Thread Log". It shows every thread the character has ever participated in. Likewise, events that would break your timelines should also be carefully monitored. So, for example, if I posted a thread for a character dated for today in the desert, it would break the timeline if I posted a thread dated for the 29th in which they ended up dying.

Excessively breaking your own timelines or other characters' timelines is frowned upon and if done consistently, Staff may intervene. Tomorrow I will be instituting changes to leader logs and pregnancies that reflect these changes, so keep an eye out! Please DM or PM a staffer if you have any questions.
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[AW] Glimpse of You

The depths of winter seemed a poor time to go farther north, but here the cat was, traveling north into the icy expanse with curiosity in his veins. He wanted - needed - to find a better way to locate those runestones, as everything he had tried so far had turned up with nothing but a whole lot of ... well, nothing! Karcsi shivered as he padded through the taiga, sticking close to the evergreens that dotted the landscape. He had seen a stray, scrawny lynx prowling but was not worried about the dumb animal. If anything, the sight of such a creature reminded him that this world was not just their own.

Fur fluffed out against the chilly air and the flurries that dotted his coat, Karcsi traveled easily. His gait was loose, relaxed, eyes scanning and ears alert. The alertness helped considerably when he heard the lynx circling back. Lips pulled back from his teeth and Karcsi focused on #duplicate to create a copy of himself. It was as easy now as breathing to him to use the magic, and the pair turned as a unit to face the stalker. The smaller feline bared its teeth in turn, the scrawny thing leaping. Karcsi let out an annoyed hiss of air, dropping himself and rolling to the side. His double was the target, and the full-body leap simply sent the weaker cat sprawling into a snowbank. Karcsi let out a snort, rolling back to his paws and pouncing. He pinned the other down, crouching his weight with his chin tucked to protect his throat. Snapping teeth raked across the young leopard's muzzle, making him cry out in pain. He jerked back, leaping clear as claws slashed at his legs.

'Dammit!' The boy thought in anger, darting to one side to avoid another flying leap. #appropriate tried to sap some of his opponent's strength when Karcsi next slammed into the creature, using his weight to try to flip the lynx away. It was an annoying scramble for a few minutes between the two, the end result having Karcsi holding a mouthful of lynx fur, and the weaker feline hightailing it west. 'Dumbass,' Karcsi thought in disgust, spitting out the fur and shaking his head. He rolled his shoulders, eyes returning to investigating the snow banks near him. He shoved his muzzle into one to numb the ache from the teeth, making a note to go see Mitis when he returned home. Maybe he could catch something up here that the hyena family would eat - just not a deer.

An amused smirk crossed his muzzle as he drew his head back. The young man considered the bank where he had just put his face and then set to work, paws digging into the snow thoughtfully. 'C'mon, Cadis, give me a clue,' he thought, tail twitching as he attempted to dig down to the earth, hoping to uncover a runestone. Anything, really, would be better than the whole lot of nothing he had become accustomed to getting.


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Scavenge Results
Karcsi rolled a 4 in Discord. Karcsi's scavenge for a green runestone was unsuccessful.

Digging down into the snowbank proved about as fruitful as anything else the boy had done so far. He was left with a hole in the snow, melting around his paws, and nothing to show for it. Nothing, of course, but the dark earth below that he could not dig through. A growl vibrated from him, the same hollow sound that was sparked by the stupid lynx interrupting his hunting in the first place. Karcsi jerked himself from the spot, raising onto his hind legs and pivoting, his turn done like that of a spooked horse changing directions. He slammed his front paws back to the ground, huffing in annoyance. That easy gait of his vanished, becoming rigid as he stalked through the taiga.

The boy took great pleasure after about twenty feet of rearing up and ripping his claws down the surface of a pine tree that dared to be growing there. He scored the bark repeatedly, tail lashing, and considered screaming his anger to the skies. Why was this so hard? Was he being taught patience by Cadis as well as to be more discreet in his greed? Was he being tricked into being a nice person? Hah, as if. No, that at least Karcsi knew was in his genes. He would never be nice just like he would never be willing to share in the light with someone else. He dropped back to the ground, panting slightly from the furious beating of the tree. Of course, the tree had done nothing to him personally, but boy it felt good to turn it into a scratching post. He rubbed around the base of it as well, leaving his scent heavy upon the wood. That was one way to ward off any strange wildlife trying to sneak up on him, making this appear to be his turf.

For a moment - for the first time in a very long time - Karcsi's mind turned to his sister. It brought his steps to a sluggish halt, and he looked over his shoulder warily. He half expected to find the more volatile sibling right behind him, ready to chew him out for avoiding her. For not seeking her out when she seemed always off doing other things. For not being attached at the hip. His ears twitched and then flattened to his head. For his whole life, she had been constant, a rock, and suddenly he no longer felt that connection. Perhaps rather than her replacing him, he had simply shut her out to avoid feeling replaced by a third person. He shut everyone out, really. He could act kittenish and curious, he could feign interest, but at the end of the day, everyone was simply... disposable. And so was he.

Another moment passed where Karcsi stared back toward Salvus, and then he shook his head. "Idiot. She's not going to just appear any more than Mother or Father," Karcsi muttered to himself. Still, after leaving his scent so prominently on the tree, the feline made to move farther toward the northeast. He picked up his pace to a trot, and then took a few leaping bounds until a burst of shocked, excited laughter left him when he kicked up snow into his face. He forgot for a moment to look for the stones, instead rolling himself about in the snow until it coated his ruby red fur in a fine white layer. Then he was off again, this time his muzzle tilted into a smile. He pushed all thoughts of 'family' out of his mind, making the choice then and there to forget about them. Salvus was currently his home till he saw fit to run away - leave - and that was good enough for him.

A good twenty minutes passed before the youth slowed back down from his trot and began to search among the snow. He was enjoying his freedom, for the time being, reveling in the space between himself and his thoughts. He weaseled his upper body under a bush, nosing about and snorting when he startled a roosting bird into the air. That might have been a good thing to attempt to catch, but Karcsi was more concerned about seeing if a runestone had managed to get wedged into the branches or exposed roots of the little half-frozen bush.


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Scavenge Results
Karcsi rolled a 2 in Discord. Karcsi's scavenge for a green runestone was successful!

Karcsi rolled a 10 in Discord. Karcsi found a runestone containing knowledge of intermediate cooking and seasoning.

It wasn't that Karcsi found a runestone so much that, while pulling his head from the bush, he knocked it loose. The bright green stone dropped from a fork in the bush and right onto the youth's head, between his ears, making him yowl in surprise. The shock faded, replaced quickly with excitement. His excitement was so much that he didn't think before scooping the stone up in his jaws. 'Wait that-' his brain could not outrace his reaction speed, and his teeth crunched into the stone whereupon he found himself reveling in the same information he already had.

You could cook meat. You could season it. His tail twitched. His ears twitched. He dropped the fragments of the stone and tilted his head back, inhaling. "I fucking HATE you, you mangy old black geezer! When I figure out how to find you I am going to rip your mane out!" He yowled into the sky. Of course in his heart, he didn't mean it. He could not fight a god and hope to win, but he could shout empty threats to produce a feeling of catharsis. The grumpy man-child dropped himself moodily onto the ground, panting slightly. Alright, so maybe sometimes when he was pissed his emotions got the better of him. But that was expected.

Karcsi lay there, staring into the bush and rolling over the idea of what cinnamon was and if he could even find it. Would roasted meat taste good with cinnamon on it? He flexed his claws into the snow, thoughtful, and then pushed himself up. "Fine. If this has to be so hard, I guess I'll play along. Could I get a hint though?" He muttered, flicking his tail and once more breaking into a trot. This time he was just looking a the surface of the snow, not even sure he would find anything but willing to give it a shot. After all, it couldn't be worse than turning up the same runestone twice.


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Scavenge Results
Karcsi rolled a 7 on Discord. Karcsi's scavenge for a green runestone was unsuccessful.

But BOY does he win a better prize!


Looking for runestones, as well as looking for ingredients to cook, seemed to occupy her time and mind a lot these days. She had already found common places for bananas, grapes, and many types of berries, as well as cocoa and other items. She was aware many of these things were toxic or unhealthy to canines, but it was not just about her family. Eventually, she would use these skills to get others on her side, to make herself more valuable.

With #Composition, she found many items: mainly quartz, different types of rocks, and some minerals. State of Matter was used to turn a small pile of unearthed dirt into soil, then into clay,then glass, then quartz. She was trying to see how fast she could completely change the desired amount into another material, and already her practicing was allowing it to change completely faster.

Her training is stopped when she hears, in the distance, the sound of a boy on the cusp of adulthood, talking about a 'black geezer' and playing along to something. It was easy to hear him, what with this forest providing little undergrowth, and it would be easy for the feline to spot her as well.

She kept good distance, but put herself within good eyeview of him as she arrived out of curiosity. “Looking vor runestones? They're very elusive.” her calm, deep voice said to him. Elusive, and frustrating, at times, but always worth it. Her stance mimicked neutrality; it was neither aggressive nor calm, attentive nor lazy. Her head was at the halfway point of being fully raised and being leveled with her spine. Her tail was leveled for balance however, ears slacking but not folded, and toes splayed.


Karcsi's annoyance persisted as he skulked along in the sparse undergrowth, hunting in the snow for any sign of the stupid, elusive runestone he needed. His tail lashed behind him, and when he heard a voice he whipped about. Fur rose along his spine, tail puffing out in full and head lowering. He protected his throat, arching his back to appear larger. The woman's voice had startled him, thinking he was alone out in the forest, and now he was on the defensive. He had come across his father in this fashion, and the young feline was not in any form or manner willing to have a repeat of that encounter where nothing he did was good enough.

"I was," the feline answered, tail twitching at the tip. The wolf did not appear aggressive herself, but Karcsi was not going to take any chances. "Now I'm going home before the gods decide to try something new on me," he was so lucky he missed out on the fun of the tainted rivers, so lucky that he'd missed out on being cursed again for his general frustration. He stepped back, careful to unsheath his claws for grip on the snow. It was soft and fine beneath his feet, chilling his pads, and making it harder to keep a grip on the surface. Not that Karcsi minded. If it was difficult for him when he enjoyed the snow, it would be just as hard for a wolf, right?



"If you'll excuse me," his words were low, not quite a growl but still annoyed at having his hunt interrupted. He had no desire for conversation with this stranger, and less to share the burdens on his soul with her. He did not dare put his back to her, instead choosing to step backwards and take crab-steps back toward Salvus.


-attempted exit-

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