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Spring Y3
8.29.19 - 10.13.19
by Split, 08-31-2019, 09:06 PMRE: News Archive
It's time for an update to how we handle time! Now that we are a couple days into the first season of this year, I'll explain how our flow of time will now work. We will be keeping double time, but our time will be more fluid. Essentially, from here on, you will be allowed to back date threads.

All threads from here on out will need to have a date AND time listed in the thread title. This will allow users to see exactly when a thread occurred.

Previously, if you posted a new thread, the time and date that thread was posted was the time in which that event was happening. We are altering the rules regarding timelines to allow you to backdate threads for any date in the current year. (This is Year 3.) So this year started on 8.29.19. You may date a thread from the current date backward to the first day of the year. So as today is 8/31/19, you may date a thread for any date between 8/29/19 and 8.31.19. You may not date threads forward.

So as the year progresses, you will be able to date threads for any time that has already passed in the year, but you must be careful not to break your own character's timelines. The best way to track a character's timeline is to go to their profile and click the button on it labelled "Thread Log". It shows every thread the character has ever participated in. Likewise, events that would break your timelines should also be carefully monitored. So, for example, if I posted a thread for a character dated for today in the desert, it would break the timeline if I posted a thread dated for the 29th in which they ended up dying.

Excessively breaking your own timelines or other characters' timelines is frowned upon and if done consistently, Staff may intervene. Tomorrow I will be instituting changes to leader logs and pregnancies that reflect these changes, so keep an eye out! Please DM or PM a staffer if you have any questions.
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A  young horned wolf lied on the floor. It was Konoha Walson, the one who's face was covered in clean white scales, a resemble of what the Walson clan claimed to be a proof of their believed shared blood with dragons. Those with Walson on their last name always had that belief, of being related to the mythical creatures. 

She was trained and raised by them, by the clan which she now belongs to. The one she considered family, brothers and sisters. Kail the Alpha, was especially caring to her. Like a big brother, he made sure to give the white wolf a good education in the arts of combat and survival skills. They trained every morning and night. And in order to keep with her training, she left the clan's temple to the unknown world. But in the way, an ambush from enemy forces ended with her journey, killing her for mere rage to The Walson name. 

Months passed since her passing but out of a sudden, she was here, lying somewhere else. At first, she thought it was the other world, but why did it take that long for her to come? Who knows. There her icy blue eyes opened slowly, from the first time in months she once again could see more than just blackness. She sat up, seeing a place with just thick fog. And that kinda confirmed her she was on the other side, she was dead. Or that was what she was thinking. Despite all of this, her face was cold, no feelings showed on her expression. 

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Ceartas often came up here to record where Actun's Temple flowed. By now, it was easy to locate the wondrous tower, but its unpredictable travel made it hard to know where it would go next. She had been up here for about half an hour now, passing the time by humming old German tunes, and practicing her magic between the hums. "Im wunderschonen Monat Mai, als alle Knospen sprangen..."* she hums, the tune low and melodic, almost wistful.

Actun's Temple is not in site here. She decides enough time has been spent up here. So much time using Composition has allowed her to more rapidly learn the names of minerals and other such items, as well as her visits to the Crater. #State of Matter has begun to come easily to her. She changes a small chunk of the hardened soil in front of her into iron, shaped like an ingot half a foot long. Iron, she found, was hard and tough. It could be useful into making other items. For what, however, she did not know.

Ceartas pocketed the ingot, putting it inside her handmade satchel wrapped around her chest and shoulder. She rose from her seat and began to make her way home. But her walk was short-lived. Just as she was descending, she spotted the white pelt of a wolf she was entirely sure was not there before. With brows creased out of curiosity, and slightly out of suspicion, she spoke in a confident and curious voice: "Who are you?" her stance mimicked that of someone unafraid, but passive. Her ears were perked but her head lowered, tail out for balance and toes splayed. 

*"In May, the magic month of May, when all the buds were springing..." @Konoha


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As the warrior sat there, her icy blue eyes pierced the surroundings, her eyes like always were cold, lacking of emotions. Her body language was confident, showing who she was, showing she wasn't going to fear, fear wouldn't conquer it as she dominated her already. Fear was learned to overtake, and as a result, Konoha wasn't someone who would fear that easily, you'll waste your time if you tried to. And as she remained there, she still thought she was on the other world, that she was dead. And as such she walked through the fog without fear, she was dead after all, no one will hurt her anymore. But little she knew she wasn't anymore. 

"So I died?." She said calmly, not caring that much. But then a voice crept through the place, one which sounded demanding, to which she didn't say anything, she just turned her gaze up to whoever did. She watched and watched, still keeping her mouth closed, she didn't want to speak at all, but some questions were in her mind and maybe she could ask. She didn't speak to others unless she saw it fit. "Where are we? Did you died too?" She asked as stood up, without fear on her moves. She could see the body language of the other, one she interpreted as a one seeking for a fight. "What's wrong?" She asked looking at the wolf's eyes in a stoic way. 

But then, Metheorology started for the first time. Making the wolf feel something coming, the air was changing. She little knew this was a product of magic, but well maybe she would know someday but as of now she wasn't sure. "A storm is coming, I didn't know there were storms in the otherworld too.." She said starting to walk away, not minding the stranger's presence. She didn't share her name, she didn't feel it necessary in these instants.

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